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Using the Camera on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T713 and SM-T813)

Your device features both front and rear-facing cameras letting you capture photos and videos in a variety of modes. Edit photos and videos on your device, and share them directly to social media, with other devices and more.

Open the Camera

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Camera.  

  2. You can also open the camera by:  

    • Quickly pressing the Home key twice. You can turn the Quick launch feature on or off in the camera settings.  

    • Swiping Camera Icon on the lock screen, unless you have changed the App shortcuts in the Lock screen and security settings to another application.

The features on your screen may vary depending on the camera mode selected.

Switch Between Camera

From the camera, touch Switch  to switch between the front- and rear-facing cameras.

To take selfies, you can either touch Capture Icon Camera on the screen or touch the heart rate monitor on the back of the device.

Capture Photos

Capture Photos

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Camera.  

  2. If you want to change the camera mode, touch MODE and select an option. Touch INFO to read about each mode. The steps that follow apply only to Auto mode; follow the on-screen instructions for other modes.

  3. Touch Capture to take a photo.  

    Touch and hold Capture to take a burst of up to 100 shots.

You can set your device to display photos immediately after you capture them.

To activate this feature:

  1. From the camera, touch SETTINGS.  

  2. Scroll to and touch the slider next to Review pictures to turn it on.  

  3. When you capture a photo, it will display briefly with options to Delete. You can also touch Gallery to view all your photos, as well as access editing features.  

Record Videos

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Camera.  

  2. If you want to change the camera mode, touch MODE and select an option. Touch INFO to read about each mode. Some modes may not apply to videos, such as Selective focus, Panorama, Virtual shot, and Food.  

  3. Aim your device at the subject and touch the Record Icon.  

  4. Touch the screen to focus on a specific area.   

  5. Touch Capture to take a still photo while shooting the video.  

  6. Touch the Pause Icon temporarily stop recording, or touch the Stop Icon to finish recording.  

  7. When you are finished, touch Gallery to view your videos.

Share Photos and Videos

You have the option to share your photos and videos when you view them in the Gallery.

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Gallery.  

  2. Open the photo or video you want to share.  

  3. Touch Share.

  4. Share the photo using one of the available options. Sharing options vary based on applications installed and features turned on.  

    Swipe to the left or right to reveal more sharing options.

Camera Settings

Filter effects Change the mood of your photos by adding a filter effect. Touch the icon to select a filter effect for your photo and to Manage and Download additional filters.
Timer Touch the icon to select a time delay between touching the Camera shutter button and taking the photo.
Picture size Choose the proportion and resolution of your photos.
  • Video size (rear): Change the video capture resolution. Choosing a video size larger than 1:1 will make certain features unavailable, such as HDR, filter effects, and video stabilization.

  • Video stabilization: Reduces jitter when holding the device to capture video. Touch the slider next to Video stabilization to turn it on . Video stabilization will be unavailable if Tracking AF is on.

  • View mode: Choose between standard and full screen view mode.

  • Grid lines: Touch to turn off or change the grid lines displayed on the screen. Display 3x3 grid lines or grid lines for a Square photo.

  • Location tags: Tags your photos with the location where they were taken. Touch the slider next to Location tags to turn it on.

  • Review pictures: Lets you view photos and videos immediately after you take them. Touch the slider next to Review pictures to turn it on.

  • Storage location: Choose to store your photos to your device, or optional memory card.

  • Volume keys function: Touch to choose how the Volume keys are used when the camera is open. You can use them to Take pictures, Record video, or Zoom.

  • Reset settings: Returns your camera settings to the factory default.

  • Help: Get additional assistance using the camera.

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