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Overview of the Dryer's Feature Panel (DV50K7500)


Menu Description
A      Power Press to turn on/turn off the dryer.
B     START/PAUSE Press and hold to start operation, or press to stop operation.
C    Digital Graphic Display Displays all cycle information, including the cycle time, information code, and operating status.

•Filter Check   •Child Lock   •Steam   •Vent Sensor  •Smart Control(Smart Monitor)  •Sound

D    My Cycle Choose your favorite cycle including the cycle time, temperature and dry level. 
E    Adjust Time You can change the set time for the selected cycle. This is available only with Time Dry, Quick Dry, Air Fluff, and Wrinkle Away. To change the cycle time, press Adjust Timeor Adjust Time until the desired time is displayed.
F    Eco Dry  This function is available with Normal and Time Dry. With the Eco Dry activated, drying takes a longer time but the power consumption is reduced. The drying time can be extended by up  to 3 times depending on the temperature and load. The Eco Dry function is enabled by default.
G   Time Press Time to select a drying time for the selected cycle. This is available only with Time Dry, Quick Dry, Air Fluff, and Wrinkle Away.This button is not available for Sensor Dry cycles because exact drying times are determined by fluctuating humidity levels.
H   Temp.  Press Temp. to change the temperature of the current cycle.
  • High: For sturdy cottons or those labeled Tumble Dry.
  • Medium: For permanent press, synthetics, lightweight cottons, or items labeled Tumble Dry Medium.
  • Med Low: For heat lower than Medium. Use to dry synthetic or washable knit fabrics.
  • Low: For heat sensitive items labeled Tumble Dry Low or Tumble Dry Warm.
  • Extra Low: Provides the lowest heated drying temperature possible.
I   Dry Level  The Dry Level button serves two purposes.

Usage 1: Press Dry Level to select a dry level. This is available only with the Sensor Dry cycles. 
  • Larger or bulkier loads may require Very Dry or More Dry for complete dryness.
  • Less Dry is best suited for lightweight fabrics or for leaving some moisture in the clothing at the end of the cycle.
  • Damp Dry is designed to partially dry items. Use for items that lay flat or hang to dry.
Note: This option is not available with: Steam Sanitize, Active Wear, Wool

Usage 2 (DV45K7600E(G)*):  Press and hold Dry Level for 3 seconds to turn off the dryer’s notification beeps and melodies. To unmute the dryer, press and hold again for 3 seconds.

Note: The mute function remains active even after you restart the dryer.

J    Wrinkle Prevent

The Wrinkle Prevent button serves two purposes.

Use 1: Wrinkle Prevent provides approximately 180 minutes of intermittent tumbling in unheated air at the end of the cycle to reduce wrinkling. Press Wrinkle Prevent to activate this feature. The load is dry and can be removed at any time during the Wrinkle Prevent cycle.

Use 2 (DV50K7500E(G)*): Press and hold Wrinkle Prevent for 3 seconds to turn on the drum light while the dryer is running. To turn off the drum light, press and hold again for 3 seconds.

Note: After 2 minutes of inactivity, the drum light automatically turns off.

K     Mixed Load Bell The Mixed Load Bell notifies you when the average dry level in a load is damp dry (80 % dried). This lets you take items that you don’t want fully dried or that dry quickly out of the dryer early while letting others continue to dry. You can select this option in all Sensor Dry cycle except for Air Fluff, Active Wear, Time Dry, Quick Dry, Refresh, Wrinkle Away, and Steam Sanitize. Available dry levels are Normal Dry, More Dry, and Very Dry.
L    Rack Dry Rack Dry is available in the TIME DRY cycle. Temperature will be set to Extra Low only.
M   Anti Static

Anti Static reduces static electricity that occurs from clothing friction. This is done by spraying steam into the drum in a later stage of the drying cycle.

Remote control
After you have inserted the Smart Home Adapter and connected the dryer to your home network using the Samsung Smart Home app, you can control the dryer remotely. To begin, press and hold Smart Control (Smart Monitor) for 3 seconds. The Smart Control (Smart Monitor) indicator blinks. The dryer enters the waiting for remote commands mode. For more information, visit the Samsung Smart Home website. 

Note: The Anti Static function is only available with Normal, Heavy Duty, Perm Press, Delicates, and Time Dry.

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