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How do I Edit Photos on My Samsung Galaxy Tab A NOOK? (SM-T280NZKABNN)

While viewing an image, you can edit it by using the editing tools.


Edit Photos

Editing options may vary depending on your wireless service provider and software version.

  1. Navigate to Apps > Gallery.


  2. Touch the thumbnail of the photo you want to edit.


  3. Various options for the photo will be displayed. Touch Edit.



  4. Choose from the following edit options:
  5. Touch Photo Editor. If you are required to download, touch DOWNLOAD.



  6. Touch INSTALL.



  7. A window will appear asking for permission to access your Storage. To proceed, touch ACCEPT AND DOWNLOAD.


  8. After the Photo Editor has been installed, it will ask for permission to access photos, media, and files on your device. To proceed, touch ALLOW.


  9. You can start editing your photos. Select a photo to edit.


  10. The following edit options are available:


    • Adjustment: Rotate, flip, crop, or change the size ratio of the photo.
    • Tone: Adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, or temperature of the photo.
    • Effect: Add a filter effect to the photo.
    • Drawing: Select from a variety of instruments to draw on the photo.

  11. To remove edits, touch UNDO. To redo the removed edit, touch REDO.


  12. Touch SAVE when completed. Edited photos will be saved into your Gallery.