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Use the Burners on Your Gas Cooktop

Utilizing the burners on your cooktop correctly is important not only for safety reasons, but for cooking as well. Follow the steps below to learn how to properly use the burners.




  • Flames larger than the bottom of the cookware may result in a fire or physical injury.


  • When you set a burner to simmer, make sure to watch the flame and slowly turn the knob.


  • To prevent gas leaks, make sure the burner has ignited after turning the knob to the Lite position.


  • Always turn off the surface burner controls before removing cookware. All surface burner controls should be turned off when you are not cooking.


  • Always turn the burners off before you go to sleep or go out.


  • If you smell gas, turn off the gas to the cooktop and call a qualified service technician. Never use an open flame to locate a leak.


  • If the LED on the control knob doesn't light up when the surface burner has ignited, call a qualified service technician.


  • If the knob LED illuminates, but the surface burner does not ignite, turn off the control knob immediately.


  • Do not operate the burner for an extended period of time without cookware on the grate. Without cookware to absorb the heat, the finish on the grate may chip.


  • Be sure the burners and grates have cooled down before placing your hand, a pot holder, cleaning cloths or other materials on them.


The knob LED indicates that the corresponding burner knob has been turned on. Check for an actual flame to determine whether the knob LED is on or off.

Light a Burner

  1. Locate the burner you want turn on.


  2. Push in the control knob. Then, turn the knob to the Lite position. The knob LED will light up and you will hear a clicking sound indicating the electronic ignition system is working properly.



  3. After the selected burner is lit, turn the control knob to the desired flame setting.



Manual Ignition

    If there is a power failure, you can ignite the burner manually. To prevent any damages or injuries, proceed with caution.

  1. Hold and point a long gas grill lighter to the cooktop burner you want to ignite. While continuing to hold and point the lighter, push in the control knob of the selected burner. Then, turn the knob to the Lite position.



  2. To ignite the burner, pull the trigger on the grill lighter.


  3. After the burner is lit, adjust the flame level by turning the control knob to the desired setting.



Flame Level

    The flames on the burners should always stay under the cookware, and should not extend beyond the bottom of the cookware at any time.



  • Flat bottom and straight sides


  • Tight- fitting lid


  • Well-balanced with the handle weighing less than the main portion of the pot or pan

Material Characteristics

  • Aluminum: An excellent heat conductor. Some types of food may cause the aluminum to darken. However, anodized aluminum cookware resists staining and pitting.


  • Copper: An excellent heat conductor but discolors easily.


  • Stainless steel: A slow heat conductor with uneven cooking performance but is durable, easy to clean, and resists staining.


  • Cast-Iron: A poor conductor but retains heat very well.


  • Enamelware: Heating characteristics depend on the base material.


  • Glass: A slow heat conductor. Use only glass cookware that is specified for cooktop cooking or oven use.


  • Heatproof Glass-Ceramic: Can be used for either surface or oven cooking. It conducts heat very slowly and cools very slowly. Check cookware manufacturer's directions to be sure it can be used on a gas cooktop.

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