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Washer Cycles, Settings, and Features

FlexWash and FlexDry washer and dryer

Samsung washers come with a lot of settings, each with their own specific purpose. Let us help you decipher all the cycles, settings, and features on Samsung washers, and why you would use them.

Cycles, settings, and features vary by model. For product specific information, please see the  user manual.

Washer Cycles

  • Active Wear: For washable sportswear such as sports jerseys, training pants, shirts/tops and other performance clothing.

  • Allergen: To remove dust mites, pet dander, or other allergic substances of the fabric.

  • Bedding, Bedding Plus: For bulky items such as blankets and sheets. Use liquid detergent.

  • Delicates/Hand Wash: For sheer fabrics, bras, lingerie, silk, and other hand wash-only fabrics. For best results, use liquid detergent.

  • Eco Wash, Eco Cold: Provides useful, gentle, and energy saving daily care for normally and lightly soiled laundry using only cold water.

  • Heavy Duty: For sturdy, colorfast fabrics and heavily soiled garments.

  • Normal: The most common cycle, this is used for regular items such as cotton, underwear, and linen.

  • Perm Press: For wash-and-wear, synthetic fabrics, and lightly to normally soiled garments.

  • Pure Cycle: This cycle is not for washing clothes; it is for the washer to self-clean. No detergent or bleach should be used. Recommended to run approximately every 40 washes.

  • Quick Wash: For lightly soiled garments needed quickly.

  • Rinse + Spin: This cycle is used for loads that need rinsing only or to add rinse-added fabric softener to a load.

  • Sanitize: For heavily soiled, colorfast garments. This cycle heats the water to 150 degrees Fahrenheit to eliminate bacteria.

  • Spin Only: Provides a spin to remove water.

  • Stain Away: For stained clothes. The Hot temperature option is recommended.

  • Towels: For bath towels, washcloths, and mats. Due to their high absorbency, wash no more than a half load (6 pounds) of towels at a time for best results.

  • Whites: For white fabrics, with or without bleach.

  • Wool: For machine-washable wool. Loads should be less than 8 pounds. For best results, less than 4.4 pounds is recommended, as well as the use of a neutral detergent.

Washer Settings


  • Extra Hot: For heavily soiled, colorfast items. Only available on certain cycles.

  • Hot: For whites and heavily soiled, colorfast items.

  • Warm: For colorfast items. Only the final rinse will be warm, the other rinses will be cold to conserve energy.

  • Warm/Cold, Eco Warm: For moderately soiled, colorfast items, and most wrinkle-free items.

  • Cool, Cold (on models with Tap Cold): For bright colored, very lightly soiled items.

  • Cold, Tap Cold: Uses cold water only, no hot water is mixed in at all.

  • On models that do not have a Tap Cold setting, Cold is the coldest setting.


  • Extra High: Removes more water from loads during spin. Do not use for wrinkle-free or no-iron fabrics, and do not overload the washer.

  • High: Use for underwear, t-shirts, jeans and sturdy cottons.

  • Medium: Use for jeans, wrinkle-free or wash-and-wear items and synthetics.

  • Low: Use for delicate items that require a slow spin speed.

  • No Spin: Drains the washer without spinning. Use for extremely delicate items that cannot tolerate any spin.

  • Rinse Hold: Prevents draining or spinning, so the laundry remains in the water and the cycle does not end. Switch off of Rinse Hold again to finish the cycle.

Soil Level

  • Extra Heavy: For extremely soiled loads.

  • Heavy: For heavily soiled loads.

  • Normal: For moderately soiled loads. This setting is best for most loads.

  • Light: For lightly soiled loads.

  • Extra Light: For barely soiled loads.

Washer Features

  • Delay End: Set the cycle to finish automatically at a later time. Choose a delay time from 1 to 24 hours (in 1 hour increments). The hour displayed indicates the time at which the cycle will end.

  • Delay Start: Choose a delay from 1 to 24 hours (19 or 12 hours on some models) to begin. The displayed time is the time the washer will start.

  • Extra Rinse: Add additional time to the rinse portion of the cycle, to more thoroughly remove laundry additives and perfumes.

  • Extra Spin, Extended Spin: Add additional time to the spin cycle, to remove more water from loads.

  • Extra Wash: Add additional time to the wash portion of the cycle, for better stain removal.

  • My Cycle: An easy way to save all of the other settings so they can be quickly set again in the future.

  • Night Wash: Designed for a small load of laundry (2.5 pounds or less, for instance 1 pair of pants and 2 shirts), this will clean and dry the clothes in 6 hours without having to transfer the clothes from the washer to the dryer.

    Do not use with items labeled not for tumble dry, sensitive clothes made of leather, mink, fur, silk, latex, or napping, bulky items, or any items with glue in them such as underwear trimmed with lace.

  • Pre Soak: Adds 30 minutes of soaking time at the start of the wash cycle for better stain removal.

  • Pre Wash: Before the selected cycle, the washer will fill with cold water, detergent from the Pre Wash section of the detergent compartment, and will tumble. Then it will drain and begin the selected cycle.

  • Pure Cycle, Self Clean, Self Clean+: This cycle is not for washing clothes, it is for the washer to self clean. No detergent or bleach should be used. Recommended to run approximately every 40 washes (this recommendation will vary on some models).

    Self Clean will clean the tub, Self Clean+ will clean internal areas around the tub as well.

  • Rinse: Set the number of rinses to occur in the rinse cycle.

  • SilverCare, ActivFresh: A form of sanitization that uses silver ions instead of heat, and therefore saves on energy.

  • Smart Care: Smart Care uses the camera on a mobile device to recognize error codes on the washer and interpret them. For more information, see our guide on Smart Care.

  • Smart Control: Allows remote controlling using a mobile device.

    The app used to connect to the washer will vary between models. Most Wi-Fi models support SmartThings, but the required app could also be Samsung Smart Home or Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer.

  • Steam, Intensive: For heavily soiled, colorfast garments, Steam wash improves stain treatment and uses less water in a cycle.

  • SuperSpeed: Shortens the washing time.

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