How to wash workout clothes in your Samsung washer

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Exercising has tons of benefits except for one thing: stinky gym clothes after a workout. And no matter how many times you wash them, the bad smell or sweat stains just don’t seem to go away! The truth is, since exercise clothing is made from special stretchy or elastic material, there’s a certain way you need to wash it to get rid of funky, odor-causing bacteria. Even if you’re more of an expert at the gym than in the laundry room, washing your gym clothes is easy once you know what to do! If you’re looking for the newest Samsung washer to keep your clothes fresh check out our website.

The best way to wash workout clothes

Just finished a vigorous workout session? Here's how to wash your exercise clothing so they smell fresh for next time.

  1. First things first, change out of your exercise clothes right away after a workout. They should be washed after every use.

  2. Next, hang up the dirty clothes and let them air out to help prevent bacteria growth. Never shove the clothes in your gym bag, hamper, or that smelly pile of clothes in the corner.

    Pro tip: Keeping your gym bag clean can help prevent your workout clothes from retaining bad odors.

  3. If your gym clothes are extra foul-smelling, let them soak in white vinegar before washing them. You can make a mixture of one part white vinegar and four parts cold water. Place the clothes in the vinegar solution for 30 minutes, rinse them with regular water, and then let them air dry afterward.

    Clothes soaked in Vinegar with Vinegar bottle next to it
  4. To help remove sweat stains or deodorant buildup from the clothes, take an old toothbrush, dip it in detergent, and then scrub the affected areas with the toothbrush until you’ve removed as much as you can.

    Scrubbing the affected areas with water
  5. Turn the clothes inside out before throwing them in the washer. Why? Because odor-causing bacteria will be on the inside of your clothes. Also, make sure to zip up any zippers to prevent snags in the washer.

  6. Now you’re finally ready to put those smelly clothes in the wash! Don’t overload the washer; it’s better to have a small load so the detergent can properly reach all the funky parts of your clothes.

    Lady putting clothes in the washer
  7. Begin pouring detergent into the washer's detergent compartment. Make sure not to add too much because the cycle will get too sudsy. Having leftover soap can make it easier for bacteria to form on the fabric. If you’re worried a normal amount of detergent won’t be enough to get rid of extra-strong odors, you can try using a specially formulated sports detergent or laundry booster to get the job done.

    Note: Do not add fabric softener to the washing machine. Like residual soap, fabric softener can trap bacteria and retain bad odors.

    detergent being put on the detergent drawer
  8. When you're ready to begin the load, select the washer's Active Wear cycle, which is designed to clean exercise clothing. If your washer doesn't have this cycle, use the Delicate cycle with cold water instead. An aggressive cleaning cycle and hot water can damage the stretchy material in gym clothes.

    Delicates cycle chosen on Samsung Washer
  9. After the cycle ends, give your clothes a whiff to make sure any bad odors are gone. If they are, place them in another wash cycle to completely remove residual smells.

  10. Once your exercise clothes are fresh and clean, hang them up and let them air dry. Heat from the dryer can damage the elastics in the clothes. However, if you’re in a rush, you can put them in the dryer using a setting that does not use heat (like Air Fluff). If your dryer doesn't have a heat-free cycle, use the one with the lowest heat setting. Any higher setting could ruin your favorite muscle tee or yoga pants.

    Gym clothes being hand dried
  11. When the load is nice and dry, it will be time to hit the gym again! …and make your workout clothes smelly again. Don’t worry, just repeat the steps in this article to always have the freshest workout clothes in your fitness class or among your workout buddies.

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