Always On Display on your Galaxy phone or tablet

Phone screen displaying the time and date on Galaxy S22 ultra

Don't you wish you could look at your phone or tablet and see the time without pressing any buttons? With Always On Display, you can do just that. The AOD feature on your Galaxy device lets you view the time, date, notifications, missed calls, and more when the screen is turned off. And with the One UI interface, you can do even more with AOD.

Note: The AOD feature will not cause screen burn-in. This is automatically prevented on devices because the AOD image is slightly repositioned on the screen over time. Available screens and settings may vary by wireless service provider, software version, and device model.

Turn Always On Display on or off

Always On Display is very handy, but maybe you want to save some battery power. No worries, you can turn your AOD on or off whenever you want.

  1. From Settings, search for and select Always On Display.

  2. Tap Always On Display, and then tap the switch to turn it on or off.

  3. From this screen, you can also adjust the AOD's settings. Please see the next section for more details.

Always On Display turned On with a Galaxy phone

Note: Always On Display is not available on the Cover screen for the Galaxy Z Flip or Galaxy Z Flip 5G.

Adjust your AOD's display options and settings

As you probably already know, Always On Display shows important information on your Galaxy device's screen when it's turned off. However, there are a couple settings and display mode options that you can adjust.

From Settings, search for and select Always On Display, and then tap Always On Display. From this screen, you can adjust AOD's new features.

  • Tap to show: This is the default setting. When it's activated, you must tap the screen to make your AOD appear for 10 seconds. This setting will help conserve battery.

  • Show always: This setting will display AOD continuously whenever your phone screen is off. Use this setting if you don't want to tap anything to see your AOD. Keep in mind that this setting will use more battery power.

A list of settings for Always On Display on a Galaxy phone
  • Show as scheduled: This setting shows your AOD based on a set schedule. Use this setting if you want AOD to display at certain times. For example, you can set your AOD to only display during your work day and turn off while you're asleep. This setting will reduce AOD's battery consumption.

  • Show for new notifications: This setting will show AOD when you recieve a new notification.

  • Clock style: You can customize the clock type and color.

  • Show music information: Use this setting to show music information on your screen when it's off. This is useful because you'll see the artist and track information of a song without having to unlock your phone.

  • Screen orientation: Choose between Portrait mode and Landscape mode.

  • Auto brightness: This setting is on by default and automatically adjusts the brightness level of your AOD. To manually control the brightness level, tap the switch next to Auto brightness. Then, adjust the slider to set your desired brightness level. Alternatively, you can double tap the clock when your AOD displays, and then adjust the brightness level there.

Note: AOD is turned on by default, but if it has been disabled, you will need to turn it on to access its settings. AOD is not available when a Power saving mode is turned on.

Customize your AOD's Clock style

Whether it's digital or analog, everyone has a preferred way to tell the time. With AOD, you can choose the clock style that appears on your Galaxy device.

From Settings, search for and select Always On Display. Tap Always On Display again, and then tap Clock style. From here, you can choose your desired clock style. You can also change the clock’s color. When you are finished, tap Done.

Clock style choices for AOD

Download new Clock styles for your AOD

Pick a theme that matches your interests—Whales, hummingbirds, or Minions, anyone?

  1. From a Home screen, touch and hold an empty area, and then tap Themes.

  2. Tap AODs, select an AOD theme you like, and then tap Download or tap the price (i.e., $0.99).

  3. If needed, choose either Select payment method or Use discounts, and then enter the necessary information.

  4. Once it’s downloaded, tap Apply, choose your desired preferences, and then tap Done.

  5. Your new design will now display on your device's screen when the AOD is active.

AODs tab selected in Themes screen on a Galaxy phone
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