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Running a Vent Blockage Test on Your FlexDry™ Dryer (DV*60M9900)

After your new FlexDry™ dryer has been installed, you should run the Vent Blockage test to make sure everything's getting off to a good start. The Vent Blockage test automatically detects the status of the exhaust ducts and reports any blockage or problems. This is great because proper ducting can reduce drying time and save energy.

The Vent Blockage test must run with the dryer in a cool state. If the dryer warms up after the installation check, run the AIR FLUFF cycle for several minutes to reduce its internal temperature.

Vent Blockage Test

  1. Close the Tumble dryer's door.  

    Make sure the drum is empty. If there is any laundry in the drum, the test will not give accurate results.

  2. Touch POWER to turn the dryer on.

  3. Within 5 seconds of turning on the dryer, touch and hold Adjust Time ︿ and Dry Level until InS appears on the display.  

  4. Touch and hold START/PAUSE to start the Vent Blockage test immediately. When testing, a scrolling rectangle will load on the display. This will last for about 2 minutes. Do not open the door during testing.

  5. Once the test is complete, the results will be displayed and the dryer will sound a tone.  

    Result for the Vent Blockage Test

    • If the status of the duct system is normal, "0" appears and the dryer sounds a completion tone.
    • If the duct system can not exhaust properly, "CLg" appears and the dryer sounds an alarm tone.

  6. Touch POWER to turn the result off immediately.

    The results remain on the display for about 5 minutes and then the dryer will automatically turn off.