Customize Accessibility settings on your phone or tablet

Accessibility settings menu on a Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets come with accessibility settings to help those with limited sight or hearing difficulties. For example, you can make the phone read messages aloud or light up whenever it detects a startling noise. There are also accessibility settings and customizations available for those who struggle with interaction and dexterity.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by wireless service provider, software version, and phone model.

Available Accessibility settings

Having some trouble using your phone or tablet? No worries, there's plenty of features to help you out. From Settings, search for and select Accessibility. Then, choose your desired option:

  • Visibility enhancements: Make fonts stand out, turn on Negative colors, remove animations, and more.

  • TalkBack: Talkback is a Voice Assistant so your device can provide spoken feedback when you select items or go through tutorials. You can also adjust even more settings like Text-to-speech, Vibration Feedback, and so on.

Accessibility settings displayed on phone
  • Hearing enhancements: You can use Sound detectors to receive alerts when your device hears the doorbell or a baby crying, or mute all sounds on your device, among other settings.

  • Interaction and dexterity: Enhance or replace touch interactions and other controls. Some features include Universal switch to control your device with custom switches, and Assistant menu to turn on functions that help users with reduced dexterity.

  • Advanced settings: Manage Direct access features, like using the Power and Volume buttons to quickly open Accessibility settings, and other advanced functions.

  • Installed apps: Accessibility apps and services you download and install from Play Store or Galaxy Apps will appear in this section.

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