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Storing Photos and Videos on Your Galaxy Tab S2

By default, your captured pictures and videos are stored on your device's internal memory. If you have installed a microSD™ card, your device will ask if you want to change the storage location to the microSD™ card the next time you open the Camera app. You can save room on your device by moving pictures, videos, and other files to your microSD™ card or to the My Files app.

Change the Default Save Location

Videos and pictures taken using certain camera modes will be saved to the device regardless of the storage location setting.

  1. Navigate to Apps > Camera.

  2. Touch SETTINGS.

  3. Touch Storage location.

  4. Select Device or SD card to change the default save location.

Move Files to the microSD Card

  1. Navigate to Apps > My Files.

  2. To move or copy a specific file type, touch one of the categories to view only the related file types.

    • Images - View any images on the device.
    • Audio - View any audio files on the device. This includes, but is not limited to, music and any recorded audio.
    • Videos - View any videos on the device.
    • Documents - View any documents on the device.
    • Installation files - View any installed files on the device.
    • Downloads - View any downloaded images or files on the device.

  3. For this example, touch Images

  4. Touch MORE OPTIONS.

  5. Touch Edit.

  6. Select the file(s) you want to move.

  7. Touch MOVE.

  8. Touch SD card.

    This function is not supported if the microSD™ card is not inserted in your device.

  9. Select a folder, or touch Create folder to make a new folder for the files, and then touch DONE to finish.