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What to Do if Clothes Are Not Drying

If clothes aren't drying, the reasons vary depending on how long you've had your dryer. It could be anything from the cycle you're using (Air Fluff and Wrinkle Prevent), the type of fabric, or even the exhaust ventilation. So check out the guides below to gain some insight on getting the best performance out of your dryer.

The Air Fluff and Wrinkle Prevent cycles mentioned above should only be used to keep dry clothes from wrinkling. The dryer tumbles your laundry and blows room temperature air into the drum. No heat is involved.

Recently Installed Electric Dryer

If the dryer is not heating at all, it is usually related to the power cord or the outlet on newly installed units. To investigate the power cord and outlet, verify the following:

  • Make sure the power cord is installed properly by a professional installer. Depending your home, the dryer will be connected with a 3 or 4 wire configuration.

    All electric dryer cords have two separate 120 V connections, a Neutral connection, and sometimes a Ground connection depending on the configuration (3 or 4 wire). If only one of the 120 V connections is installed, the dryer will not have enough power to dry your clothes.

  • Check the outlet the dryer is connected to, and make sure it is rated for 220/240 V and is still supplying at least 200 V. You can get a 220/240 V outlet tester online or at most home improvement retailers.

If everything is installed properly and the outlet works, continue to the section below.

Check for a Clogged Exhaust Vent

Lint is flammable and when it builds up, it becomes a real fire hazard. It is extremely important that the vent ducts are not blocked or clogged in any way.

To help reduce the risk of lint buildup and prevent blockage, Samsung recommends using rigid ventilation for proper exhaust operation.

A Vent Check Sensor icon (on select models) indicates when the dryer is detecting a blockage in the exhaust vent. If the Vent Check Sensor light is lit or blinking, clean the exhaust vent as soon as possible.

Some Samsung dryers can detect clogged vents and will deactivate the heater as a safety precaution.

To confirm if the exhaust vent is clogged, follow the steps below:

  1. Disconnect the exhaust vent from the back of the unit, and start a Time Dry cycle.

    Make sure the cycle named Time Dry is selected. Choosing a different cycle may take longer, or not work at all.

  2. After Time Dry cycle has been running for approximately 5 minutes, feel the sides of the dryer and the air coming out of the back of the unit (where the exhaust vent was connected).

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