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Samsung PhoneCast VR Frequently Asked Questions

Samsung PhoneCast VR allows you to view your favorite mobile media content on the Gear VR. You can mirror compatible 2D mobile media applications on a virtual 200 inch screen with a scenic 360 degree background.

Samsung PhoneCast is currently compatible with the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

  1. What is Samsung PhoneCast VR?
    • Mobile to VR Screen Mirroring - Mirroring the screen of a Mobile Phone to TV, Samsung PhoneCast VR mirrors the screen of the mobile phone to the VR bigscreen as a VR application.
    • Hidden Technology - Even though the VR environment always needs high performance. PhoneCast can make a mobile application mirror on a big screen without any performance degradation in VR, based on the optimized Mirroring technology.
    • Seamless Interface - Samsung PhoneCast VR is easy to use because it takes familiar mobile applications with a touch interface and makes them accessible in the VR environment.

  2. What apps are supported in the US?
    • Plex, Vudu, YouTube, VLC, MX Player, Musically, Kodi, Tubi TV, DirecTV LLC, Crackle, XFINITY, Hulu, NFL, Sling TV, T-Mobile TV, go90, and Epix.
    • Amazon Prime Video (Temporarily disabled)

  3. How can I check available mobile applications?
    • You can see icons and titles of mobile applications that are compatible when you launch the PhoneCast VR app. To download additional apps touch DOWNLOAD APPS' at the right top of the screen. After you click the icon of an app you want to install, undock your smart phone from Gear VR and a notification will show in the quick panel. Touch the notification to download the app from the Google Play Store or Galaxy Apps. Once you install the app it will be available in Samsung PhoneCast VR.

  4. Can you manually add apps to PhoneCast VR?
    • Apps that are not listed in PhoneCast VR are not supported.

  5. How big is the virtual screen in Samsung PhoneCast VR?
    • The virtual screen is larger than 200 inches and sits 9 feet in front of the user. You can also adjust the screen size by selecting Screen size to the right of the screen.

  6. Can you view the screen in both landscape and portrait?
    • You can view content in both modes if the app you are using supports it. Select Orientation to the right of the screen.

  7. Can the brightness of the screen be changed?
    • Yes, select Brightness to the right of the screen.

  8. Can you change the screen position?
    • Re-position the screen when it is outside of the field of view by tapping the touch pad on the Gear VR
    • Re-position the screen by selecting Re-position to the right of the screen. A blue outline of the screen will show, use the touch pad to change the screen position.

  9. Can you change the background displayed?
    • This is not currently available.

  10. Will the app I am currently using be displayed in the PhoneCast VR if I dock the phone with the Gear VR?
    • No, when you insert the phone into the Gear VR the Home screen is displayed. You have to select the PhoneCast VR app and then start the app you would like to use.

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