General questions and information about Samsung Pass

Samsung Pass biometric unlock screen on Note10

Samsung Pass is a secure and easy way to use your biometrics to sign in to websites and apps on your phone. Once you scan your fingerprints, you can sign in without typing in your ID and password. With Samsung Pass, there's no need to memorize all those IDs and passwords for all your accounts.

FAQ's about Samsung Pass

Do you need a Samsung account to use Samsung Pass?

Yes, you can sign up for Samsung Pass with your Samsung account. If you don't have a Samsung account, please create one before setting up Samsung Pass.

How do I access Samsung Pass?

Samsung Pass is located in the Settings menu. From Settings, tap Biometrics and security and then select Samsung Pass.

Can I use Samsung Pass on multiple devices?

You can use Samsung Pass seamlessly on up to 5 mobile devices. Using the same Samsung account in your new or additional devices will sync your saved website list and ID/passwords. However, you need to register your fingerprints on each device.

Is Samsung Pass secure?

Samsung Pass is secure. Samsung Pass encrypts your biometric information and saves it in Trust Zone which is the safest space in your Samsung phone. Your biometric information stays in your phone because the public key of your registered biometrics will be used for website authentication.

Do I need to register my fingerprints to use Samsung Pass?

To use Samsung Pass, you need to register at least 1 fingerprint.

Can I still use Samsung Pass after I remove my biometric data from my Galaxy phone?

Samsung Pass will become inactive if you delete all of your registered fingerprints. To reactivate Samsung Pass on your phone, user verification is required by entering your Samsung account password. After reactivating, you will have to register at least one fingerprint to use Samsung Pass.

What is "Sign in with Samsung Pass"?

When you launch Samsung Internet and sign into a website, there will be a popup asking you to Sign in with Samsung Pass. If you check the box, your ID and password for that website will bind to your biometrics. Next time you visit the website, you can sign in with your biometrics without inputting your ID and password.

Can I delete a saved website and ID/password?

You can delete a saved website and its ID/password. Search for and select Samsung Pass in Settings, then tap Web sign-in information. Select the website among the list and select More, then tap Delete. If you delete it, you can not use 'Sign in with Samsung Pass' feature in the website.

If I change the username or password for a website, does Samsung Pass automatically update the info?

No. You will need to navigate to Samsung Pass, and then select Web sign-in information. Select the website, and then edit your information.

Can I delete my Samsung Pass data?

When you delete data on Samsung Pass, the following data registered to Samsung Pass will be removed: your biometric data and web sign-in information. Your agreement to the terms and conditions and your Samsung account will remain active.

Where can I find additional information about Samsung Pass?

We have a detailed guide for Setting up and using Samsung Pass, and more information about using Autofill.

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