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Frequently Asked Questions About Galaxy Apps

Frequently Asked Questions about Galaxy Apps

Galaxy Apps is Samsung's exclusive app store for Galaxy customers. You can browse through tons of apps for your Galaxy phone, tablet, or watch. Curious? Keep reading to see frequently asked questions about Galaxy Apps. If your question isn't listed below, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

General FAQs for Phone and Tablet

I can't find Galaxy Apps on my device.

  • Galaxy Apps is only available on Samsung devices. If you're using a Samsung phone or tablet, it is usually located in the Samsung folder in the Apps screen. On a Galaxy Watch or Gear, Galaxy Apps is preinstalled and will be with your other apps. 

What apps are compatible with my device?

  • Galaxy Apps will only display apps that are compatible with your device.

What is a push notification?

  • A push notification is used to give your device updates to Samsung services, useful tips, and promotional events.

Can I disable push notifications?

  • If you do not want to receive push notifications from Galaxy Apps, open the app and then touch More Options. Touch Settings, and then touch Notifications. Next, touch the slider to turn notifications on or off.

Can I share app information with my friends on social media?

  • You can share app information using various services, including Facebook and Twitter.

How do I ask a seller a question about an app?

  • To ask a seller a question, open Galaxy Apps and navigate to your desired app's details page. Swipe to Seller info, and touch VIEW ALL. Here you can see the seller's contact details.

General FAQs for Gear or Galaxy Watch

Are the Gear or Watch apps in Galaxy Apps available in the Galaxy Wearable app?

  • Yes. If you go to the Watch tab in the Galaxy Wearable app, you will be able to access the same Gear or Watch apps that are in Galaxy Apps.

I don't have a Gear or Watch, but their apps are shown in Galaxy Apps.

  • Many Gear or Watch apps need to be downloaded through a phone, which is why there is a Watch tab in Galaxy Apps. It's there so all users can easily access apps for their wearable devices.

If I connect a Gear or Watch, will new apps be shown?

  • If you connect your phone to a Gear or Galaxy Watch, you will be able to see the apps that support the specific Gear or Watch model.

I don't see any Gear or Watch apps in the Top rated tab.

  • The Top tab in Galaxy Apps only shows the top rankings of general phone or tablet apps. To see top rated Gear or Watch apps, navigate to the Watch tab.

Payment and Purchase FAQs

Can I get a refund for a purchased app?

  • Purchased apps are usually not subject to refunds or cancellation once the download begins. If an app has a material defect, the app will be replaced, downloaded again, or a coupon will be provided for the equivalent purchase value. If you have a question about a refund, navigate to the app in question and then touch More Options. Then, touch Help and touch Contact us to submit your inquiry.

  • How do I purchase an app?

    • Apps can be purchased with a credit or debit card, Samsung Pay, or phone billing.

      Note: Phone billing is only available in certain territories and at the seller's discretion.

    How do I edit my credit card information in Galaxy Apps?

    • To register or change your credit card information, open Galaxy Apps. Touch More Options, and then touch My apps. Touch Payment methods and then touch Credit card. Follow the on-screen instructions to register or change your credit card information.

      Note: You can register only 1 credit card at a time. A new card can be added when the previous card is removed.

How do I register a coupon?

  • Coupons are usually given to customers by app developers. To redeem your Samsung Galaxy Apps coupon, open Galaxy Apps on your phone. Touch More Options and then touch My apps. Touch Payment methods and coupons, and then touch Coupons. Next, touch REGISTER, enter your coupon information, and then touch REGISTER again. Then, follow any on-screen instructions.

How do I use a coupon to purchase an app?

  • After you have applied your coupon in Payment methods, go to the Galaxy Apps Home page and search for an eligible app. Touch Purchase or the dollar amount displayed. When the payment details popup appears, touch Apply discount and then touch APPLY. The discount will be applied to the total. Then, touch BUY.

    Please note the following when using your coupon:

    • You can use one coupon per app.

    • You cannot use a coupon for a discounted item.

    • If a coupon expires, it automatically disappears from your list.

    • If you cancel the payment before downloading the app, the unused coupon will be restored.

    • If you wish to purchase an app of a greater value than the coupon, you can pay the balance with your credit card.

    • The unused balance of a coupon cannot be refunded or put on hold.

App Error FAQs

How can I find apps that were previously installed on my device?

  • You can find previously downloaded apps, as well as purchased apps at any time from the My Apps section of Galaxy Apps. However, you may be unable to redownload an app if there have been contractual changes with the seller, fatal errors in the app, or any other reasons that have caused app services to be disabled.

What do I do when an app freezes during download?

  • If a download was interrupted or failed, please check your network or internet connection and try it again.

I am unable to download apps.

  • Please check the network connection status and try again. When using a mobile network, a maximum download speed may apply if the connection is poor. In that case, try downloading the app using Wi-Fi.

How do I update apps?

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