Identify the correct charger for your phone or tablet

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It's not the most exciting aspect of a phone or tablet, but it's a vital one: charging. You can charge your device using any Samsung travel adapter, but charging speeds may vary depending on the charger. Use the charger that originally came with your phone or tablet, and only use Samsung charging devices and batteries.

What kind of charger should I use?

Your phone or tablet is powered by a standard rechargeable Li-ion battery. To get the most out of your device, use the Adaptive Fast Charger and USB-C cable that came in the box. This charger has a power supply of 5.0V/2.0A and has SAMSUNG printed on it. Samsung accessories are designed to maximize battery life, so you won’t regret using it - especially since you can use your phone or tablet while charging with the original factory charger.

Samsung does not recommend using any chargers other than Samsung chargers, especially chargers that are uncertified or counterfeit. These can hinder the charging of your device and may cause battery issues if used long term. Always make sure your charger is an authentic Samsung charger.

Adaptive Fast Charger and other types of chargers

Note: Using third-party chargers may invalidate your warranty and cause damage. If you need to replace your charger, visit

Which charger goes with my phone or tablet?

To charge your phone or tablet, you need the right kind of charger. Usually, the correct charger will be included in the box. But if you've misplaced your charger, look at the list below to see what kind your phone or tablet uses.

A USB Type C is the newest kind of USB charger. Because of its smooth surface, it doesn't matter which way you insert it into a phone or tablet. This also prevents damage from occurring inside your phone or tablet's USB port.

Devices that use USB Type C:

USB Type C charger cable
  • Galaxy S phones: S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10e, S10, and S10+

  • Galaxy Note phones: Note8 and Note9

  • Galaxy tablets: Tab S3, Tab S4, Tab S5e

If you've lost your USB-C charger, you can purchase a new one on You can also use an adapter to charge it using a micro USB-B cable.

You are probably familiar with USB B cables because they are extremely common and have been used for a long time, with all kinds of different devices. 

With USB B, the cable's head is different on both sides. One side has ridges while the other is flat. Make sure to place it in your phone's USB port the correct way, or it could damage the inside of your phone or tablet.

Devices that use Micro USB Type B:

USB Micro B charger cable
  • Galaxy S phones: S5, S6, S6 edge, S7, and S7 edge.

  • Galaxy Note phones: Note5 and Note6

  • Galaxy J phones: J3 and J7 (all models)

  • Galaxy Tablets: Tab A, Tab S, Tab S2, and Tab E.

If you've lost your Micro USB Type B charger, you can purchase a new one on

Best practices for charging

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  • When using wireless charging accessories, please be aware that any metal or magnetic materials (e.g., coins, magnetic cards) placed between the device and the wireless charger may decrease charging efficiency or cause damage to the phone or tablet and charger.

  • When using wired charging accessories, always check whether any foreign objects are in the connector or plug, as they may prevent charging or cause the charging accessories to overheat.

  • Make sure your phone or tablet doesn't overheat. Keep it in a cool location, especially while charging. 

  • Don't let your battery completely drain. With new lithium-ion batteries being used, it is better to keep the battery partially charged, instead of letting it die. When possible, charge your device in small amounts to keep the battery from depleting.

    Note: If the power has been depleted, the battery charging indicator may take up to 10 minutes to appear on the phone or tablet's screen while charging.

  • Charging may take longer when using adapters, charging wirelessly, or charging the phone or tablet through another device like a PC.

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