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When your entire life is on your phone, things can get a little mixed up, especially in Contacts. Was your new coworker named Rachel, Rachelle, or Raquel? No problem, the Contacts app has everything you need to keep your contacts in order, including creating custom contact lists and merging contacts. You can even share your own Contact profile.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by wireless service provider, software version, and phone model. 

Set up your profile

To access your contact information, you usually shuffle between different apps, like your email. Instead, keep all of your contact info in one place by setting up a profile in Contacts.

Navigate to and open Contacts, and then tap Add. If needed, sign into your Samsung account. When you’re signed in, tap your account’s profile picture at the top of the screen to open your profile. You will see all of your information listed, such your phone number, email, your Emergency contacts, and more.

Image circles on top with data fields below

To edit the information on your profile, tap Edit at the bottom of the page. Edit and adjust your desired information and then tap Save on the bottom right-hand corner. Now your profile and contact information will be easy to find in case there is an emergency, like if you lose your phone.

Share your profile

You can also share your profile with others. That way, you can send your contacts one big message, instead of typing it out every time.

On your profile page, tap Share. Select either vCard file (VCF) or Text. Then, choose your sharing method, such as text or email, and then send your profile. Now everyone will get one tidy message with all the info they need to reach you.

List of data and Edit and Share options on bottom

Add a new contact

If you meet someone new and get their contact information, here's how to add them as a Contact on your phone:

Open the Contacts app, and then tap Add. Choose where you want to save the contact (Phone, Google, etc.), and then fill out their contact information and personal details. You can add multiple numbers and addresses in the Phone and Email fields by tapping Add. When you're done, tap Save to add them as a Contact.

A list of contacts with plus sign highlighted

Edit a contact

Did your friend just get a new job and a new work number?Just follow these steps to edit their contact information:

Open the Contacts app, and then tap the contact you want to edit. Tap Edit. You can change your contact’s Photo, Name, Phone, Email or Work number by tapping a field.

To add or delete additional numbers or email addresses, tap Add or Remove next to your desired field. Tap View more to edit more options like address, notes, relationship, etc. When you’re done editing, tap Save.

A list of data with a plus and minus sign to the right

Link to another contact

If your friend keeps getting a new number, things can get confusing. Instead of having their name repeat multiple times in your Contacts, just link them together.

Navigate to Contacts, and then tap the contact you want to link. Tap More Options, and then tap Link to another contact. Choose the other contact you want to link to, and then tap Link.

A list of options including Link to another contact

Create group

You have a lot of work to do, and you need everything to be strictly business – including your contacts. No worries, you can keep work and your personal life separate by making a Group in Contacts, where you will only see certain contacts.

Navigate to Contacts and then tap Menu. Tap Settings, and then tap Groups. Tap + Create group, and then name the group. You can also customize a group ringtone. Tap + Add member and choose desired contacts to add to the group.

You can assign new or existing contacts to the newly created group anytime.

Group name, Group ringtone, and + Add member options

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