Set up and connect your Samsung brand SmartThings devices

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More and more smart devices are hitting the market, but how do you know which ones are good? Besides Wi-Fi hubs and smart hubs, Samsung also makes its own SmartThings devices that are reliable and easy to connect. Keep an eye on your home and keep your loved ones safe by adding Samsung brand SmartThings devices like a Motion Sensor, Water Leak Detector, and more. 

Connect SmartThings devices

Want to check if you turned off the coffee pot before you left for work? Or what about getting notified if there is a leak in your bathroom? Connect your SmartThings devices to your hub so you can monitor and control them on the go.

Learn how to connect all your Samsung brand SmartThings devices by selecting the link that corresponds to the device you're using:

A list of SmartThings devices on the SmartThings app screen

These videos only cover a few specific SmartThings products. If you'd like a more general overview on how to connect smart devices to the SmartThings app, please see our guide on Adding and managing devices in SmartThings.

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