Location inaccuracy for your SmartThings Tracker

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When you request a location in SmartThings, a circle will appear around the estimated area. Don't be concerned if the circle seems a little off; there may be some slight variations when it comes to estimated locations. But you can feel assured knowing that the SmartThings tracker is incredibly accurate.

Slight variations in location accuracy

The Tracker's location can be a little different depending on your mobile network. However, estimated locations are 90 percent accurate, so you can stay calm knowing your loved one is where they’re supposed to be.

To find your loved ones, the SmartThings tracker sends data to the Samsung Cloud. From there, the Cloud sends the information to the SmartThings app. Since the data is sent through your mobile network, the estimated location may vary depending on the signal’s strength. For example, if you are in a densely populated area, the GPS signal may be weaker.

Note: Depending on the state of the network, the results may take several seconds to several minutes to show in SmartThings.

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Geofence zone inaccuracy

The Geofence feature will keep you updated on your loved one’s movements. You’ll receive a notification when they arrive or leave an area.

For example, maybe your child was supposed to arrive at their Zone at 8 a.m., but you still haven’t gotten an alert. Don’t panic, it could just be network traffic. When there is heavy network usage, the Zone alert may appear a little later than the actual crossing point. However, you should check the Geofence settings, just to make sure they are correct.

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