View your step count in Samsung Health

Step counter showing 642 steps on app

You use Samsung Health every day to keep track of your daily step count, but if you have a few connected devices, it can be hard to tell how many steps each one kept track of. Which one recorded more, your phone or your watch? No worries, you can adjust Samsung Health's settings to see all your steps combined whether you’re walking, running, or doing some other type of exercise. You can also see the step count of individual devices. But first, you should set up the Steps widget and the Multi-exercise widget on your watch.

Set up and view steps on your watch

Once you set up the Steps widget on your watch, you can see your current step count whenever you want.

From the watch's Home screen, swipe left until you reach Add widget. Tap it, and then swipe to and tap Steps. Now you can view your step count by simply looking at the Step widget. Tap the widget for more details.

Steps counter widget screen

View step counts from your different devices

After a full workout schedule, you can check your total step count on your phone or see which device counted the most.

Open the Samsung Health app on your phone and tap the Step Tracker at the very top of the screen. Then, tap the Source button in the middle of the screen; this will display either All steps, Mobile phone, or one of your connected devices, such as Galaxy Watch.

From here, you can choose your desired option. If a connected device isn't displaying, tap View data from other devices to see more options. Now only the step count for the option you chose will appear. If you picked All steps, it will show the combined step total for your phone and all connected devices.

All steps highlighted in the Samsung Health app

Note: Some devices, such as the Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active 2, and Gear S3 cannot be viewed individually.

View your step count history

Samsung Health will track your steps over time, so you can track your progress on your way to your health goals, and see the results on a handy graph.

In the Health app, tap the step counter, and then tap Trends. From there, you can scroll the graph to the right to view your step totals from previous days.

Tap the drop down to select Days, Weeks, or Months to view the average number of daily steps over a period of time.

Drop-down with Days, Weeks, and Months listed next to Trends on the Samsung Health app

Set up and view multiple exercises on your watch

It doesn't stop with your steps. You can view other workouts on your watch's Widget screen.

From the watch's Home screen, swipe left until you reach Add widget. Tap it, and then swipe to and tap Multi-workouts. Tap Add, and then select the exercises you want displayed on the widget. When you're done, tap DONE. You can now tap the exercise you want to view and track.

The Multiple exercise widget displayed on the Galaxy Watch Active 2

Learn more about step counts

If you want to see more details about a step count option, such as All steps or Mobile phone, there's a way to do that too.

Open the Samsung Health app on your phone and then tap the Step Tracker at the top of the screen. Tap the Source button and choose the option you're curious about (e.g. All steps). Tap the Source button again, and then tap Learn more. From here, you can read the available information.

Please be aware that only devices you've added to your account can be viewed.

Learn more highlighted in the Samsung Health app

Frequently asked questions about the step count

Why is my step count increase delayed on my watch?

It’s normal for there to be a slight delay before your latest step count is displayed. However, if there is a very long delay, your watch may have low GPS signals or may not have a good network connection.

Why is my step count inaccurate on my watch?

The steps recorded by your watch are an estimate and may vary from the actual step count. This is because certain factors can affect how steps are recorded. For example, on some watches, steps are only counted when there is hand movement. So, if you push a lawnmower or do an exercise with no hand movement, steps may not be recorded. Other factors, such as environmental conditions or skin conditions, may also affect how well steps are recorded.

Why are the steps on my watch different from the steps on my phone?

Your watch and phone record steps separately. However, you can sync the watch and phone through Samsung Health, so all of your steps will be added together in one step count.

Using the connected phone, open the Galaxy Wearable app, and then swipe to and tap Samsung Health. Tap the Step Tracker, tap More Options (the three vertical dots), and then tap View your step count data. Choose All steps as your step count source. Now both your watch and phone will be synced, and their total will appear in Samsung Health.

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