Set up and use the My BP Lab 2.0 app

Woman using BP Lab Research app on Note 10

My BP Lab app records your stress level, blood pressure, and other factors, then sends the records to researchers at Sage Bioworks. In their study, they will analyze users’ data, so they can identify important triggers of stress. And don't worry, your identity will be anonymous.

Caution: The information gathered from this device, Samsung Health, or related software is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent disease or other conditions.

What phones can I use?

My BP Labs will only be available for certain phones. Some phones can track your blood pressure using their sensors, while others need to be connected to a Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active2, or Galaxy Watch 3.

Phones that can use their sensor:

  • Galaxy S9 and S9+

  • Galaxy S10 and S10+

  • Galaxy Note9

Phones that need a Galaxy Watch Active or Galaxy Watch Active2:

  • Note10, Note10+, and Note10+ 5G

  • S10e

  • S20 FE 5g, S20 5G, S20+ 5G, and S20 Ultra 5G

  • S21 5G, S21+ 5G, and S21 Ultra 5G

  • Note10, Note10+, and Note10+ 5G

  • Note20 5G and Note20 Ultra 5G

  • Fold, Z Fold2 5G, Z Fold3 5G, Z Flip, Z Flip 5G, Z Flip3 5G

Register for My BP Lab

Before you can become an awesome research assistant, you’ll need to download My BP Lab. Also, if you are using a Note10 or later model phone, or if you plan to take readings with your watch, make sure your watch is connected to your phone.

There's one other thing you need to do - sign up for the research study. To do this, open the My BP Lab app, and then tap Join. From there, review the information about the study, sign the disclaimer, and follow the on-screen steps to register your account. You will receive a registration email that you will need to open on your phone.

Tap the link in the email. You will be redirected to the My BP Lab app. From here, you can start to set up and use the app!

Join or Sign into My BP Lab

Note: To learn more about the study, visit the My BP Lab website to learn about this study and/or the FAQs for the app and the watch.

Use My BP Lab with your phone's sensor

Once you've registered for the study, you can set up your phone to take your blood pressure readings!

  1. In the My BP Lab app, tap Get started, and then tap Don’t have a blood pressure cuff.

  2. Tap Next, and then tap Use phone sensor.

  3. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to measure your blood pressure. When it’s finished, tap Done and review the information.

A note about Phone sensor calibration

After you’ve done the initial setup, you’ll be able to access My BP Lab’s features, such taking your blood pressure, filling out surveys, and viewing other insights.

After the first week, you will start receiving personalized feedback based on the data collected. This tailored information becomes more specific and personalized with the additional information collected.

Use My BP Lab with your Galaxy smartwatch

Note10 series phones and later need to be connected to a Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active2, or Galaxy Watch3 in order to take your blood pressure readings. However, even if your phone has a sensor, you can still pair My BP Lab with your Active!

  1. Open the My BP Lab app on your phone.

  2. Tap Get started, and then tap Set up your watch. You will be redirected to the watch version of the app in the Galaxy Store. 

  3. Tap Install, and then tap Allow and download to install the app on your watch.

  4. Tap Open - then tap the checkmark on the watch.

  5. Make sure the watch is fitted properly on your wrist, and then tap CALIBRATE. Stay still as the watch measures your blood pressure. When it's finished, tap DONE.

Let's calibrate your blood pressure.

Next, go back to your phone. Select the type of blood pressure cuff you have. Fill out the required information, and then finish reading the tutorial. Now you can take blood pressure measurements right on your watch. You can also enjoy all of the features of the My BP Lab app, such as daily check-ins, health surveys, and much more. After the first week, you will start receiving personalized feedback based on the data collected.

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