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Use the accessibility settings on your Samsung PC

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No matter your situation, you'll be able to use your Samsung PC and enjoy everything it has to offer. It comes with built-in accessibility features that make it easier to use if you have a vision, hearing, or motor impairment. For example, you can have the Narrator read aloud text to you, or turn on Closed captions so your PC will display subtitles.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by software version and model.

Vision Accessibility settings

If you have some difficulty seeing your PC's screen, don't worry. Windows 10 has all kinds of settings to make it easier to read.

Click the Start icon, and then click the Settings icon. Click Ease of Access, and then select your desired option under Vision.

The following vision accessibility features are available:

  • Display: Zoom in on the screen, adjust the brightness settings, and change other display settings. Press Ctrl + Alt to use the mouse scroll to zoom in and out.

Vision accessibility settings sidebar
  • Cursor & pointer size: Make your cursor wider, change the pointer size, and turn on visual feedback.

  • Magnifier: Use this tool to zoom in on parts of your display. The Magnifier can be used on a full screen, in a separate window, or as a lens that follows the pointer around the screen. Press the Windows key + Ctrl + M to open the Magnifier.

  • Color filters: Change the colors and filters on your screen, so text is clearer. Press the Windows key + Ctrl + C to turn the color filters on and off. Press Ctrl + Alt + I to invert the screen's colors.

  • High contrast: Make text and apps easier to see with high-contrast and distinct colors.

  • Narrator: This audio assistant will read elements on the screen and can be controlled by keyboard, touch, and mouse. Turn Narrator on, or adjust the settings for when and what it will read to you. Press the Windows key + Ctrl + N to open the Narrator.

Hearing Accessibility settings

Having a hearing impairment doesn't mean you can't enjoy your PC. You can adjust the hearing and audio settings to suit your preferences.

Click the Start icon, and then click the Settings icon. Click Ease of Access, and then select your desired option under Hearing.

  • Audio: Adjust up your PC's volume, turn on mono audio, enable visual audio alerts, and change other sound settings. 

Hearing accessibility settings sidebar
  • Closed captions: Make your PC easier to use by displaying audio as text. You can adjust the caption's color, transparency, and much more.

Interaction Accessibility settings

The traditional way of controlling a PC - the mouse - may not be comfortable for everyone. But with Windows 10, there are other ways to navigate your PC.

Click the Start icon, and then click the Settings icon. Click Ease of Access, and then select your desired option under Interaction.

  • Speech: Use your voice to get things done on your PC. You can use dictation to talk instead of type, or control Cortana with your voice. Press the Windows key + Ctrl + S to turn on Speech Recognition.

Interaction accessibility settings sidebar
  • Keyboard: Your PC has all kind of keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to control. You can activate the on-screen keyboard by pressing the Windows key + Ctrl + S, adjust your keyboard shortcuts, and much more.

  • Mouse: Control your mouse cursor with a keypad instead of a physical mouse.

  • Eye control (beta): Use eye-tracking technology to control the mouse, type, and more - all with your eyes.

Additional accessbility keyboard shortcuts

Your Samsung PC also has even more keyboard shortcuts for its accessbility features, so you can access them even faster. Just press the different key combinations below to use the shortcuts.

  • Ctrl + Alt + D: Switch to docked view

  • Ctrl + Alt + F: Switch to Full screen view

  • Ctrl + Alt + I: Invert colors

  • Ctrl + Alt + L: Switch to lens view

  • Ctrl + Alt + M: Cycle through views

  • Ctrl + Alt + R: Resize the lens with the mouse

  • Ctrl + Alt + Arrow keys: Pan in the direction of the arrow keys

  • Ctrl + Alt + Mouse scroll wheel: Zoom in and out using the mouse scroll wheel

  • Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar: See the entire desktop when using Full screen view

  • Left Alt + left Shift + Print screen: Turn High Contrast on or off

  • Left Alt + left Shift + Num lock: Turn Mouse Keys on or off

  • Num lock for five seconds: Turn Toggle Keys on or off

  • Right Shift for eight seconds: Turn Filter Keys on and off

  • Shift + Alt + arrow keys: Resize the lens with the keyboard

  • Shift five times: Turn Sticky Keys on or off

  • Windows + Ctrl + C: Turn color filters on or off

  • Windows + Ctrl + M: Open Magnifier settings

  • Windows + Ctrl + N: Open Narrator settings

  • Windows + Ctrl + O: Turn on the On-Screen Keyboard

  • Windows + Ctrl + S: Turn on Windows Speech Recognition

  • Windows + U: Open the Ease of Access Center

  • Windows + Esc: Turn Magnifier off

  • Windows + Plus sign: Turn Magnifier on

  • Windows + Plus sign or Minus sign: Zoom in or ourt when Magnifier is on

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