Record and capture your Galaxy phone or tablet's screen

Galaxy S23 Ultra displaying Screen Recorder on screen

Screenshots are a great way to quickly save anything important that comes across your screen. With the Screen recorder feature on phones and tablets with One UI 2 or later, you can also capture funny memes, your epic gameplay, reaction videos, or show a loved one how to do something on their phone.

Note: Not all screens or apps allow recordings or screenshots. Screen recorder is available on the Tab S6, Tab S7, Tab S8, Tab A8, Galaxy S10, S20, S21, S22, S23, Note 10, Note 20, Z Fold, and Z Flip models. The Galaxy A53 5G, A52 5G, and A32 5G also support Screen recorder.

Take a screenshot

If you don't need a full video and just want a single image of what's on your screen, you can take an old-fashioned screenshot.

Press the Volume down key and the Power key (or the Side key) at the same time. The screen will flash, and a menu will appear on the bottom of the screen.

You'll see the available options:

Screenshot options highlighted on a Galaxy phone
  • Scroll capture: Take a long screenshot to capture the whole screen. This setting is only available when scrolling is possible.

  • Draw: Edit the screenshot before sharing or saving it.

  • Add tag: Add and save tags to your screenshot.

  • Share: Share the screenshot with another app or a contact.

  • You can also take screenshots using gestures, button combinations, and the S Pen. Or, you can use the Smart Select function.

Record your screen

Note: Screen recorder will not record phone, VOIP calls, or video calls. Additionally, some apps may block the screen recorder feature due to copyright restrictions. Availability of some features will vary by model and software version.

Instead of using a third-party app, record your screen on Galaxy phones with Screen recorder. Record anything that’s displayed on your screen! You can even use the front camera to record yourself during the video.

  1. Open the Quick panel by swiping down from the top of the screen with two fingers. Then, tap Screen recorder.

    Note: If the Screen recorder icon is not there, you can add it to the Quick panel.

    Screen recorder icon highlighted on a Galaxy phone
  2. Choose your desired option under Sound settings, and then tap Start recording.

  3. Once the countdown finishes, your phone will start recording whatever’s on the screen.

  4. On devices that support it, you can add yourself to the video using the front-facing camera. Just tap the Front camera icon – it looks like a person icon. A small window will appear in the upper left corner and will record everything you do.

    Screen recorder panel with front camera on a Galaxy phone

    Note: The Galaxy Tab A8 does not support front camera recording with Screen recorder.

  5. For extra fun, you can also write on the screen while it’s recording. Tap the Pencil icon, select your desired color, and then use your finger or S Pen to write on the screen. However, you cannot interact with games, videos, or navigational options while you’re writing on the screen.

  6. Tap the Pencil icon again to stop drawing. Once you turn off the Pencil feature, the screen will go back to normal and you can continue recording normally.

  7. When you’re done recording, tap the Stop icon. The video will be saved in Gallery. However, some screen recordings can only be accessed by opening the My Files app, then tapping Internal storage, and then tapping the DCIM folder.

Access Screen recorder settings

Note: Availability of some settings will vary based on model and software version.

Do you want the video quality to be a higher resolution? No worries, you can easily adjust this and other settings to make your video perfect.

Open the Quick panel by swiping down from the top of the screen with two fingers. Then, touch and hold the Screen recorder icon to opens its settings page.

Note: If the icon isn't there, you can add it to the Quick panel.

A list of Screen recorder settings on a Galaxy phone

Swipe up on the settings page to see the available options listed under Screen recorder:

  • Sound: Select what sounds the video will record. You can choose from None, Media, or Media and mic.

  • Video quality: Choose your desired quality for videos. The available options are High (1080p), Medium (720p), and Low (480p).

  • Selfie video size: Adjust the size of the pop-up window when you’re recording yourself using the front camera on devices that support the front camera when recording the screen.

    Note: The Galaxy Tab A8 does not support front camera recording with Screen recorder.

  • Show taps and touches: Small dots will appear whenever you touch or tap the screen while recording.

  • Save screen recordings in: Select where your screen recordings will save.
    Note: This option may not be available on all devices.

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