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An Galaxy S23 Ultra with the Media panel opened

With so many smart devices around these days, things can get confusing quickly. Is that song playing on the Galaxy phone itself, Bluetooth headphones, or your Smart TV? Be confused no more - with the Media output and Device control panels, you have everything in one place. It’s never been easier to swap between music or your smart devices because these panels provide quick and easy control for both. You can even play music to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously with Dual audio, or switch the audio output with Spotify's media panel. You can check out the latest Galaxy phones, earbuds, watches, and Smart TVs on our website to create a customized immersive experience!

Note: The previous SmartThings panel has been replaced by the Media and Device panels. If you want to control your SmartThings registered devices in the new panel, you need to update Media and Devices to version or later, and SmartThings app to version or later.

Set up and use the Media panel

Note: This feature is currently only available on Galaxy phones with Android 10 or later.

The Media panel may seem like some kind of complicated enigma, but using it is actually really simple.

To use it, just swipe down from top of the screen using two fingers to open the Quick setting panel. Then, tap Media output. Read the information and allow the permissions. That’s it!

From here, you can view the current media that’s playing on the phone, such as songs from Spotify or Google Play Music. Use the different controls to play, pause, or skips songs. You can also control the volume by adjusting the slider.

Underneath the displayed song, you’ll see a list of connected Bluetooth audio devices. 

Media output highlighted on the Quick settings panel

Control audio output

You can change the audio output by tapping your desired device. For example, if the song is playing on your phone, you can tap Galaxy Buds to make the song play on your buds. Or, vice versa.

Manage Dual audio

If you have more than one Bluetooth audio device connected, a circle will appear next to each one. Checking off the devices will allow you to play the same media on multiple devices simultaneously and easily adjust the volume.

Galaxy S21 Ultra connected to 2 bluetooth audio devices

Music Share

Music is meant to be enjoyed with others. But sometimes having to pair and unpair your audio devices can be a pain. That won't be a problem anymore with the Music Share feature on Galaxy phones. It lets your friends pair their phones directly to your audio devices. 

Set up and use the Device panel

Note: This feature is currently only available on Galaxy phones with the Android 10 update or later.

If having a special place for just audio devices wasn't enough, there's also a place for all of your other connected gadgets! It's called the Device control panel. And it's basically a shortcut to all your smart devices or scenes that are connected to your SmartThings account or your phone.

  1. To open the Device control panel, swipe down from top of the screen with two fingers to open the Quick settings panel.

  2. Then, tap Device control. Your connected Bluetooth and SmartThings devices will appear.

  3. Tap your desired icon to access a device's settings or to run a Scene.

    List of devices and scenes for Device control
  4. To add, remove, or adjust the order of the listed devices, tap More options (the three vertical dots) in the top right, and then tap Manage apps.

  5. Tap SmartThings, and select or deselect the devices, services, or scenes you want to show up in the Device control panel. You should pick the ones you use most often.

  6. When you're finished, tap Back. Now whenever you open the Device control panel, your chosen devices will appear for quick and easy access.

Media panel controls with Spotify

If you have a pair of Galaxy earbuds or a Galaxy watch connected to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, you can switch the audio output to one of those devices using Spotify’s media panel.

  1. Navigate to and open Spotify on your phone or tablet, and then start playing a song. Then, tap the Connect to a device icon on the media panel. This panel is located at the bottom of the screen and contains the current song’s title, artist, and Play and Pause icons.

    Using Spotify's media panel on your Galaxy phone
  2. Then, choose a device under Select a device. Your song will begin playing on the selected device, and you can use your phone or tablet to control the playback.

  3. Next, tap the song’s title on the media panel to bring up additional options. You can pause the song by tapping the Pause icon, or fast-forward to the next song in the playlist by tapping the Next icon (the forward arrow).

  4. To add the song to your Liked Songs, tap the heart icon.

  5. To stop playing music on the device and disconnect from Spotify, tap Back to return to the media panel.

  6. Tap the Connect to a device icon again, and then tap This phone or This tablet. Your music will begin playing on your phone or tablet again.

    Note: You can also connect to another device instead under Select a device.

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