Change source device names on Samsung TV

Several different devices connected to a Samsung TV

You can connect all sorts of devices to your Samsung TV or Odyssey Ark, like smart phones and storage devices, but you’ll need a way to keep track of everything. Fortunately, you can organize all of your devices and ports by naming them. When you’re connecting multiple devices at once, simply add the names to your home screen so there’s no confusion. If you’re unsure how to connect certain devices, you can use the Source menu’s Connection Guide.

Device names and additional features

Edit the names of your devices so you’ll know exactly what to connect to when you want to watch a movie or play a game. You can use the Source screen to access extra features for controlling your devices as well.

From the Home screen, select Source, and then select the device you want to name. You can also add the device to the Home screen by selecting Add to Home. Once you’ve selected your device, press the Up button to use the available functions.

  • Edit: Rename the inputs and choose new icons for your devices. These icons will appear on the Source screen and on the Home screen if you select Add to Home.

    • Information: Access details about your external devices.

    • Universal Remote: Use your TV’s remote to control your connected devices, such as Blu-ray players, DVD players, and game consoles. You must register the devices using the instructions on the screen. The TV’s output will automatically switch to the external device when you connect it. When connecting a USB device, a message will appear with the device’s content details. You can quickly access the device from the popup message.

      Note: This function may not be available depending on your current area, TV model, or connected device.

    • Remote Access: Use your PC with Remote PC or Wireless Screen Sharing on your TV. Connect your mouse and keyboard to the TV, and then register your PC to use this function.

    • Connection Guide: Includes visual instructions for connecting your devices. Select this guide if you have questions about connecting audio or video devices, storage devices, keyboards, smart phones, or game consoles.

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