Clean with your Jetbot Mop

A Samsung Jetbot Mop cleaning a tiled floor

Don’t have time to clean your floors? Just leave it to your Jetbot Mop. It’s perfect for hardwood or tile floor and can run on its own for 50 minutes of cleaning. Just choose a cleaning cycle on the Jetbot Mop remote, and set the Jetbot Mop on your floor for effortless mopping. Or, use Handy Cleaning mode to manually clean certain areas around your home, such as a tabletop or window. 

Use your Jetbot Mop

Note: Use only the provided power adapter when charging your Jetbot Mop.

Your Jetbot Mop comes with a few accessories, like mop pads, that need to be attached to the main unit prior to cleaning. Before starting, you should charge the Jetbot Mop and select which mop pads to use.

  1. Ensure your Jetbot Mop is fully charged before beginning a cleaning cycle. Plug in and charge the Jetbot Mop until the LED indicator light turns off.

  2. Next, you’ll need to attach the mop pads to the water supply kits. Make sure the mop pads are clean before using them. Two types of mop pads are included:

    • Mother yarn mop pad (gray): Perfect for cleaning small, dusty areas and for absorbing spills.

      The Samsung Jetbot's Mother yarn mop pad
    • Microfiber mop (green): Ideal for cleaning hardwood and tile floors.

      The Samsung Jetbot's Microfiber mop pad

  3. Attach the mop pads to the water supply kits using the Velcro sides.

  4. Next, fill the water supply kits with clean water. Open the rubber cap on the water supply kit, pour in the water, and then close the cap. 

    Note: Do not use any other liquids when filling the water supply kits.

  5. Attach the water supply kits to the bottom of the Jetbot Mop by carefully pressing down and turning them to the side. You’ll hear a click when the water supply kits are attached.

  6. Press and hold the Operation button on the Jetbot Mop for two seconds until you hear a beep and the light stays on.

  7. If there is any remaining water in the water supply kits after cleaning, remove the kits and drain them.

Depending on the floor's material, you may notice circular marks or streaks after cleaning. This is normal and can occur depending on the amount of water used. The marks will disappear by themselves over time. Always make sure you are properly cleaning and maintaining the Jetbot Mop.

Use Handy Cleaning mode

Note: The Jetbot Mop’s sensors will be turned off in Handy Cleaning mode. To avoid damage, do not leave the Jetbot Mop on a floor, table, or next to a staircase.

Your Jetbot Mop comes with a few preset cleaning modes, but you can also use it manually when it’s in Handy Cleaning mode. Hold the Jetbot Mop while wiping down a surface, such as a desk, table, or glass window to clean it yourself.

  1. Before using Handy Cleaning mode, make sure the Jetbot Mop is fully charged, the mop pads are attached, and the water supply kits are attached.

  2. Pick up your Jetbot Mop by its handle, and press and hold the Operation button to turn it on.

    A finger pushing the operation Button on a Samsung Jetbot Mop
  3. Press the Operation button twice to enable Handy Cleaning mode. The mop pads will begin rotating. Use the mop to clean up any messes.

  4. Turn off Handy Cleaning mode by pressing the Operation button twice. You can also press the Start/Stop button on the remote control.

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