Charge and store your Jetbot Mop

The Power indicator illuminated on a Samsung Jetbot Mop

When it’s time for your household chores, you can rely on the Jetbot Mop for cleaning your hardwood and tile floors. But before you power on your Jetbot Mop, make sure it’s been fully charged so you can get the most out of each cleaning cycle. If you’re using the remote control to start a cycle, remember to check the batteries and replace them if needed. When it's finished cleaning, be sure to store the Jetbot Mop properly so it stays in good condition for its next use.

Charge your Jetbot Mop

Note: Only use the provided charging adapter to charge your Jetbot Mop. Using another charging adapter may damage the battery. It takes about 100 minutes for your Jetbot Mop to fully charge, but may take longer if it's fully dead.

To use your Jetbot Mop properly, it should be fully charged before running a cleaning cycle. When your Jetbot Mop is plugged into an outlet, the LED notification light will keep you updated on the current battery level. Use these colors as a guide when charging the device.

  • Blinking yellow LED: Low battery level.

  • Blinking blue LED: Medium battery level (more than 80 percent).

  • LED off: Fully charged.

Samsung Jetbot Mop's Indicator shows green light

The Start/Stop button on the remote and the Operation button on the main unit will not work while the Jetbot Mop is charging. Allow the Jetbot Mop to finish charging before trying to turn it on.

Store your Jetbot Mop

When you’ve finished running a cycle with your Jetbot Mop, it should be wiped down and stored on the included floor plate.

Turn off your Jetbot Mop, and then remove the mop pads from the water supply kits. The mop pads should be rinsed using clean water and natural detergent and left to dry thoroughly before additional use. Then, remove the water supply kits from the main unit and drain any leftover water. Make sure to clear away any remaining dust from the main unit and its sensors so the device is ready to go the next time you want to use it. You can store the Jetbot Mop on the floor plate in a clean, dry area.

If needed, check out to find additional Jetbot Mop Mother of Yarn Spinning Pads.

Jetbot Mop with cleaning pads removed
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