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Assorted TVs from Samsung

With so many TVs available, you might be wondering how to choose the perfect one. Samsung’s lifestyle TVs offer quality entertainment but are also statement pieces that will enhance your living spaces. The Terrace can bring your backyard patio to life during cookouts, The Frame can add style to your home, and The Sero can be rotated to suit any room in your home, or choose The Serif for its bold and distinctive design. If you're looking for something with a simple design but amazing picture quality, a QLED or UHD TV is the way to go. You can find the right Samsung TV for yourself on our website.

The Terrace

The Terrace is built for outdoor entertaining and can be installed right in your backyard. Set it up on your patio to enjoy movies and shows whether it's rain or shine, without the added worry of damage.

You can check out Samsung.com to find more details on The Terrace.

This TV is weather resistant with an IP rating of IP55, making it the obvious choice for your backyard entertainment center. It’s protected against rain, snow, humidity, and dust. And no matter how bright the sun gets, you won’t notice any glare or discoloration on the screen due to its anti-reflection and adaptive picture qualities. You can also stream music to The Terrace from your phone, or add a sound for a more immersive audio experience. And yes, there is The Terrace Outdoor Soundbar that is also available on our website.

Samsung "The Terrace" TV

Use Ambient mode on The Terrace to create your own unique setting with backgrounds or personal images from your phone. The Terrace is compatible with voice assistants like Bixby and Amazon Alexa, so you can ask to see the weather or current time displayed on the screen.

The Sero

Note: The Sero is compatible with Android and iOS.

If you’d like to watch your mobile content on a larger screen all the time, then The Sero is for you. This TV’s rotating screen will mimic your phone’s orientation in Portrait or Landscapes modes. It can be set up like an easel on your floor or wheeled around your home using its optional wheels, so you can watch content from anywhere.

Project your phone’s screen right to The Sero and use apps, watch videos, and swipe through photos with the convenience of a larger screen. If you’d like to rotate the screen, simply use The Sero’s remote or ask Bixby to do it for you. You can also connect to The Sero using the SmartThings app and move the screen using your phone.

Samsung "The Sero" TV

The Sero can double as an intriguing interior display as well. You can use the Always on Display option in Portrait mode to showcase artwork, images from your Gallery app, or the time. This way, the screen won’t stay blank when you aren’t using it. Take things a step further with Ambient Mode+, which allows photos of your living space to be uploaded and displayed like wallpaper. The Sero can match your surroundings to complement any room in your home.

The Frame

The Frame TV is your home’s ultimate décor. A perfect choice for the art enthusiast, The Frame is a piece of artwork and a TV all in one.

If you're looking for The Frame TVs check out our website. 

Mix art with your movies and shows on The Frame. With its wall mount, you can hang The Frame like a painting, or set it up on a desk or dresser. If you’d like to match the TV’s border to your walls, you can use magnetic bezels designed to look like picture frames. To customize the look and feel of The Frame, these can be changed as often as you like. You can also find The Frame's customizable bezels on our website. 

Samsung "The Frame" TV

Art Mode allows you to display captivating artwork of your choice when you aren’t using the TV.  The screen’s brightness sensor will ensure the images are colorful and clear in any room. Access the Art Store to purchase famous images or choose from a free rotation of pictures. If you subscribe to the Art Store, you’ll receive alerts about new artwork based on your personal preferences and past purchases. If you’d rather showcase your pets or family, you can upload images directly to The Frame as well.

Note: You can try the Art Store for a free 3-month trial period.

The Serif

A TV and an elegant piece of furniture at the same time, The Serif will enhance your living space with its iconic “I” design. The Serif’s frame is wide enough for you to place plants or other items on top, so it can truly blend into your home.

The Serif can be displayed in any corner of your home due to its unique easel stand. Or, you can take off the stand’s legs and place the TV on a coffee table or bookshelf. If you have guests over, you can move it around as often as you like so everyone can see the screen easily.

When you aren’t using The Serif, you can transform it into a sophisticated decoration with Ambient Mode+. Choose from exclusive patterns for the screen, or set it to show the date, time, or current weather.

Samsung "The Serif" TV

It can also be turned into a personal speaker with its NFC capabilities. Just connect your phone to The Serif and then place it on top of its frame to start streaming music.

You can find The Serif TV on the Samsung Shop. 


If picture quality is what you're looking for, QLED TVs will be your perfect match. Available in 4K and 8K, QLED TVs' Quantum Dot technology boast incredibly lifelike images.

Thanks to the TV's 100% Color Volume capabilities, scenes will appear brighter and colors will be more saturated on a QLED TV compared to a standard TV. Plus, AI Upscaling will improve image quality when you’re streaming from another device. Or, use the Universal Guide to browse channels and apps. If you love gaming, the Real Game Enhancer+ will let you enjoy the smoothest gameplay imaginable with low amounts of lag thanks to FreeSync.

Samsung "QLED" TV

When you’re watching a movie with a lot of dialogue, you’ll be able to hear every word with Object Tracking Sound, which follows every sound on the screen. The Infinity Screen removes the distracting bezel from the screen’s edges so the picture reaches every corner. And the Ultra Viewing Angle will ensure there is no distortion; the screen will remain visible no matter where you’re sitting or standing.

Check out our website to discover more about QLED TVs.


Ultra high-definition TVs will improve the picture quality of all your movies and shows with their amazing 4k resolution which is four times the resolution of a standard TV. Whether you’re searching through apps on the Universal Guide or watching a movie in the dark, you’ll be able to see every color and detail with High Dynamic Range. And gamers can jump right in with Auto Game Mode, which automatically optimizes your TV for gameplay.

You can visit Samsung.com to find the right size UHD TV for you.

Samsung "UHD" TV
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