Closed captions and accessibility settings on Samsung Freestyle

Closed captions on video projected with Samsung Freestyle

The Samsung Freestyle projector isn’t just versatile in where you can watch it - it’s also very flexible in how you can watch it! There are a multitude of Accessibility options available for anyone who may need a little help watching content or navigating the menus on The Freestyle.

Use the Accessibility shortcuts

Navigating all the way into the Settings menu to find the Accessibility settings can be annoying. Luckily, The Freestyle’s remote has a fast and easy way to open Accessibility shortcuts for any settings you may need.

On The Freestyle’s remote, press in and hold the Volume key. From here, you can turn on Accessibility functions.

  • Voice Guide Settings: The Freestyle will verbally describe menu options as well as announce the channel and volume when changed.

  • Captions Settings: Allows you to watch broadcast channels and some apps with closed captions.

  • Sign Language Zoom: Allows you to zoom in on the sign language displayed on the screen. You can select Edit Sign Language Zoom to enlarge or change the position of the screen.

List of settings under Accessibility Shortcuts on the Freestyle
  • Learn Remote: Activates a verbal explanation for each button on the remote and its function when it is pressed.

  • Learn Menu Screen: Activates a verbal explanation for the menus and features on the screen.

  • Picture Off: Turns off the screen so only the sound remains. This can also be used when playing music.

  • Multi-output Audio: Turns on The Freestyle’s speakers and Bluetooth headphones, so you can hear the audio from both devices at once. You can set the headphones to a higher volume as well.

  • High Contrast: Displays menus with an opaque black background and a white font.

  • Enlarge: Enlarges the size of the text on the screen for easier reading.

  • Grayscale: Changes the screen's colors to black and white which can help with certain vision problems.

  • Color Inversion: Inverts the colors of the text and background.

  • Remote Button Repeat Settings: Changes the operation speed of the remote control buttons when you press and hold them.

Turn closed captions on and off

Note: Captions will only be displayed in apps or broadcasts that support captions. Some apps, such as Netflix, have their own caption settings that need to be turned on. For captions or subtitles on Blu-ray discs or DVDs, these are a feature of the disc and need to be selected in the disc's menu before starting the movie.

Do you have some trouble hearing or just like to read along with a show’s dialogue? In either case, you can turn on captions for The Freestyle to make things more suitable for you. 

  1. Using The Freestyle’s remote, press and hold Home until the Quick settings menu appears. Select All Settings.

  2. Select General & Privacy, and then select Accessibility.

  3. Select Caption Settings, and then select Caption to turn captions on. Select it again to turn them off. There are also two caption options in this menu:

Caption option highlighted on the Freestyle
  • Caption Mode: Allows you to change the caption language. However, the available languages are determined by the broadcast station, so in most cases, it is best to leave this on Default.

  • Digital Caption Options: Change the look of the captions. The options available are font style, size, color, background color, and more.

Enlarge the menu font

You can enlarge the size of the Settings menu font if you find yourself squinting to read the screen.

  1. Using The Freestyle’s remote, press and hold Home until the Quick settings menu appears. Select All Settings.

  2. Select General & Privacy, and then select Accessibility.

  3. Select Enlarge to make the font larger.

  4. Select it again to return the menu text to its original size.

Enlarge option highlighted on the Freestyle

Let Voice Guide assist you

If you are blind or have low vision, you can turn on a voice guide that describes the menu options out loud. The feature will verbally identify displayed items, including the selected volume, current channel, program information, and menu items as they are highlighted.

  1. Using The Freestyle’s remote, press and hold Home until the Quick settings menu appears. Select All Settings.

  2. Select General & Privacy, and then select Accessibility.

  3. Select Voice Guide Settings, and then select Voice Guide to toggle the feature on or off.

  4. From this page, you can adjust these additional settings as well:

Voice Guide highlighted on the Freestyle
  • Volume: Adjusts the volume of the Voice Guide.

  • Speed: Adjusts the speed of the Voice Guide.

  • Pitch: Adjusts the tone of the Voice Guide.

  • Projector Background Volume: Adjust the background sound’s volume while using the Voice Guide.

Adjust the color options to make the screen easier on the eyes

The Freestyle has a few options that can help make the screen easier to see if you have low vision. Using The Freestyle’s remote, press and hold Home until the Quick settings menu appears. Select All Settings, and then select General & Privacy. Select Accessibility; from this page, simply select or deselect the color options based on your preferences.

  • Grayscale: This setting removes all color (except for white, black, and gray). This can be helpful for anyone with severe color blindness.

  • Color Inversion: This setting inverts the colors of all the menu items and apps. It does not invert the colors of the videos that play. This can help anyone who is sensitive to bright light and color by darkening most of the colors on the menus to softer colors.

Grayscale option highlighted under Accessibility on the Freestyle
  • High Contrast: This feature displays all menus with an opaque black background and a white font, providing maximum contrast. This can help make the menu and font easier to read.

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