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Watch4 Classic

The half side of the watch face of a black Galaxy Watch4 Classic is prominently displayed, focusing on its bezel, materials, and simple watch face screen that is showing the time.

Look good.
Feel great.

We all want to know more about ourselves, so we can be the best version of ourselves. That's why we engineered the all-new Galaxy Watch4 Classic to be the stylish companion to your journey towards a healthier you.


The watch face of a black Galaxy Watch4 Classic is facing up and showing the time.


A watch that's
smart for your heart


All the data your heart desires

Be smart about your heart. Meet the Samsung BioActive Sensor that measures ECG in real time. You can check and monitor abnormal heart rate and rhythm through ECG and send data straight to a compatible Galaxy phone to be easily shared. 1, 2

ECG Measure ECG using an Electrical Heart Sensor.


Measure blood
oxygen levels
from your wrist

Built-in blood oxygen measurement on Galaxy Watch4 lets you check the amounts of oxygen in your bloodstream at any time. Oxygen saturation is directly linked to physical performance, so monitoring your blood oxygen can help you maintain your health. 2, 3

Black Galaxy Watch4 Classic displays oxygen saturation and BPM measurements.


Better sleep starts here

A silver Galaxy Watch4 Classic device is shown with a silver band tied round and its watch face displaying the sleep tracking feature.

Manage your overall sleep quality with an advanced sleep tracker that detects and holistically analyzes your sleep stages while you rest.4 Improved measuring options let you check your blood oxygen levels3 and detect if you are snoring.5


Your coach to bedtime bliss

Learn how to develop healthy sleep habits with Sleep coaching. By tracking your sleep patterns and completing sleep surveys, our program assigns 1 of 8 sleep symbol animals that represents your sleep type. It then provides a 4 to 5 week coaching program with helpful sleep tips, missions and checklists. 2

A Sleep coaching message with the lion sleep symbol.
Black Galaxy Watch4 Classic displays a Sleep Coaching message with the deer sleep symbol.

Find the sleep
symbol that
matches your
sleep type


A classic
that's truly

The Galaxy Watch4 Classic device's body is shown in a close-up, with focus on the details of its bezel.


Timeless style. Elevated design.

Some looks are timeless, like Galaxy Watch4 Classic’s rotating bezel and vivid screen. Stay comfortable and fashionable all day long with our stylish bands including the Ridge Sports Band.

*Select Ridge Sports Bands are sold separately.

Two watch faces of the Galaxy Watch4 Classic is shown, black on the left and silver on the right. The watch faces are both displaying the time.
Two Galaxy Watch4 Classic devices, black on the left and silver on the right, are placed next to each other in a sideways view.
A close-up on the the rotating bezel and detailed watch face of a black Galaxy Watch4 Classic.


A new day.
A new watch face

A Galaxy Watch4 Classic device and its various watch face styles can be seen.

Choose between analog or digital watch faces with a variety of backgrounds, fonts, and colors to match your tastes, the weather, or occasion. Spice up your character watch faces with AR Emojis to express your style, while animated graphics show what you're up to, like running or listening to music.

Galaxy Watch4
Bespoke Studio

Find your personal style. Mix and match the latest bands and cases to design your own Galaxy Watch4.

Four Galaxy Watch4 devices are stacked on top of each other with each watch showing a different watch face to tell the time. Each watch has a different color watch band, from Violet to Mustard to Red to Navy.


starts here

A man with a snapback on backwards is wearing Galaxy Buds2 and a Galaxy Watch4 Classic device. He is holding his right arm up, where he is wearing the watch, and is looking far away in a cityscape.


Total wellness management on your wrist

Crush your wellness goals with the first smartwatch to measure body fat, skeletal muscle, body water, body mass index and more. The new Samsung BioActive Sensor and our fastest chip bring the biggest innovations to Galaxy Watch yet.6

The front of the Galaxy Watch4 Classic's watch face is shown with the Body Composition feature on, waiting to measure BIA.

Insights from anywhere
A world of healthy insights tailored just for you. Take real-time readings of body composition, ECG, and blood oxygen levels so you can track and assess your wellness on your schedule.

The underneath of a Galaxy Watch4 Classic device is shown and the sensor is being highlighted.
Measurement results of different metrics from weight, BMI, skeletal muscle, fat mass, body water, to BMR.

Your health data simplified
Stay on top of your health, your goals and upcoming fitness needs with easy-to-read wellness factor assessments.

Track your
progress toward
your health goals

Set targets for your weight, body fat percentage, and skeletal muscle. Track your progress and receive reminders on your Galaxy Watch4 Classic to keep you motivated. Celebrate your achievements with badges and build a healthy body from the inside out. 2, 6

Black Galaxy Watch4 Classic with cream watch band displays a "Fantastic" message celebrating the achievement of a body composition goal.

Set targets for your weight, body fat percentage, and skeletal muscle. Track your progress and receive reminders on your watch to keep you motivated. Celebrate your achievements with badges and build a healthy body from the inside out. 2, 6


Name a workout. It can track it

Various exercise symbols are shown as an icon and a workout icon is highlighted. A man is energetically using exercise ropes while wearing a Galaxy Watch4 Classic device.
A person is swimming in a pool while wearing a Galaxy Watch4 Classic device.
A man is running outdoors while wearing a Galaxy Watch4 Classic device.

Track your activities and fitness scores on your watch and phone. Count steps, check calories, and stay on the grid with GPS. Galaxy Watch4 detects physical activity to track your routines and supports more than 90 exercises for a more accurate report of your workouts.7


Advanced insights for runners
and cyclists

Measure how your body performs during a workout and check your heart rate level 8 as you recover. With advanced index and interval training available on Galaxy Watch4 Classic, you can optimize your workouts and train for new performance goals. 2

Galaxy Watch4 Classic displays workout insights like set number, lap time, lap distance, lap pace and heart rate.
'Interval' is shown with options for workout 1, workout 2, recovery and repeat.

Interval Training Pre-set the duration, distance and number of sets for running and cycling interval workouts on your Galaxy Watch4 Classic. Then, follow the guide through high- and low-intensity training sessions on your wrist.

A Galaxy S22 mounted like a dashboard on a bike displays the cycling workout data measured by Galaxy Watch4 Classic in real time.

Watch-Mobile Interworking for cycling Galaxy Watch4 Classic measures heart rate and calories and displays the data on your phone's larger screen in real time. Now you can turn your phone into a dashboard.


Go farther together

Following the text message, there are two emotes; a gush of wind and a set of eyes glancing left.

See you at the finish line, David!

12:45 PM

The front of a Galaxy Watch4 Classic with a green band is shown, and its watch face displays "3rd place" in a walking Group Challenge with friends. Around the watch are diverse people cropped in a circle. There are text bubbles on the top left and bottom right, each pointing to its speaker.

Two exclamation point emotes are used before and after the words "Look out".

Look out Isabella is catching up...

12:46 PM

Enjoy every step you take with your friends and family with Galaxy Watch4 Classic. Track your steps and compete with friends through a live message board.9


It's a real
team player

The sideways view of a black Galaxy Watch4 Classic device is displayed, and various app icons can be seen.

The first smartwatch with Wear OS Powered by Samsung, Galaxy Watch4 Classic puts seamless access to your favorite apps on your wrist. You'll get a rich app selection from music streaming apps to anything in the massive library of health and fitness apps.


The power of Google on your wrist

Tap into the power and convenience of Google services and apps right on your wrist. Pay for coffee. Get directions to the park. Stream your favorite tunes through YouTube Music. 10

Galaxy S22 | S22+
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Amazing alone. Better together

Galaxy Buds Pro
Galaxy Book2 Pro 360

*Galaxy S22+, Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Watch4 sold separately.

Galaxy Watch4

It's more than a smartwatch

See how to push yourself to the next level with Galaxy Watch4.


A Galaxy within reach

Find the Galaxy smartwatch that fits your lifestyle.

Galaxy Watch4 Classic for business

Connect seamlessly with your Galaxy ecosystem in the office, on the road or wherever work takes your team.

Enjoy exclusive volume discounts with a Samsung Business Account, bulk trade-in credit and Samsung Business Financing. Plus, eligible organizations can shop tax-free with a
Samsung Tax Exempt Account.


Galaxy Watch4 Classic for business
Five Galaxy Watch4 Classic devices are placed side-by-side to show different colored watch bodies and bands. The watch bodies vary in color from pink gold, silver, and black, and are mixed with different colored bands.

Building a brighter future on the go

Supporting the Global Goals just got easier. Join the
movement to make the world a better place right from your
wrist on the Samsung Global Goals app for the Galaxy Watch.

Two Galaxy Watch4 devices are shown. One is a black Galaxy Watch4 displaying the time. The other is a green Galaxy Watch4 that is displaying the Global Goals list.
  1. Availability of colors, sizes, models, and bands may vary by country or region.
  2. The ECG app is not intended for users with known arrhythmias other than atrial fibrillation or users under 22 years old. Users should not interpret or take clinical action based on the device output without consultation of a qualified healthcare professional. The ECG app is not intended to replace traditional methods of diagnosis or treatment.
  3. Requires Samsung Galaxy Smartphone with Android 7 or later, and Samsung Health Monitor app (available only at the Samsung Galaxy app store).
  4. Requires Samsung Health app version 6.18 to view history.
  5. The SpO2 measurement software is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease.
  6. The snoring measurement requires smartphone with Android 6.0 or later, 1.5GB of RAM, phone within 2 feet of user, with snore detection enabled through Samsung Health app version 6.18 or higher.
  7. The Samsung BIA is a body analyzer that uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology to track body composition based on weight, body fat, body mass index (BMI), skeletal muscle, body water, and basal metabolic rate (BMR) measurements. It is not intended to specifically diagnose or treat a medical condition.
  8. Consistent with IPX8 rating, water resistant in up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Rinse residue/dry after wet.
  9. YouTube Music is a trademark of Google LLC.
  10. Buds Controller is compatible with Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Watch4, and their respective following models.

Weight includes case and sensor only. With included interchangeable Ridge Sport Band 46mm model weighs up to 78g and 42mm model weighs up to 71.5g.

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