When Samsung Galaxy meets the
Maison Kitsuné Fox

What do you get when a multifaceted lifestyle brand joins forces with tech? Wearable devices that showcase your personal style.

Reimagined products. Creative synergy and spirit. By embracing openness, Samsung and Maison Kitsuné go beyond the ordinary with their new collaboration—the Galaxy Watch4 Maison Kitsuné Edition and Galaxy Buds2 Maison Kitsuné Edition. By putting fashion and music front and centre, these wearable devices encourage authentic expression and a rich imagination.

A visionary collaboration

Maison Kitsuné embodies creativity, innovation and versatility, leveraging collaboration to reimagine their products. Co-founders Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki created a vision of different mediums seamlessly coming together—which is where Samsung’s pioneering technology came into play. “We love to get involved in new projects that will keep our Maison Kitsuné fans interested and excited, and that allow us to explore different markets to touch new audiences,” Loaëc and Kuroki say.

As ever-evolving brands with a unified vision, Samsung and Maison Kitsuné targeted the intersection of technology, music and fashion. The Maison Kitsuné signature Fox, which playfully shifts form, is reimagined and reinvented in this new collaboration. The new Fox became a focal point of the design, acting as a fun companion throughout the journey.

Sync your style
Now your Samsung Galaxy smartphone can be as stylish as you are with the exclusive Maison Kitsuné theme.

A different dimension of design

The mythical animal fluidly works its way into the devices. The result is a distinctive experience that lets you express your style and originality through wearable technology.

The Galaxy Watch4 and Buds2 Maison Kitsuné collection encompasses a clean, futuristic aesthetic. Loaëc and Kuroki sought to take users on a journey to outer space, which is reflected in the colours and configuration. The unique design also extends to the user interface. Users can access different Maison Kitsuné watch faces along with an exclusive Maison Kitsuné phone theme¹ to style their devices and look of the day.

The Galaxy Watch4
Maison Kitsuné Edition

Meet your new companion in the Galaxy Watch4 Maison Kitsuné Edition, styled to fit your personal preferences and elevate your everyday.

Order available soon.


The Galaxy Watch4 Sport Band
Maison Kitsuné (Twilight Violet)

Design merges with function to create the Galaxy Watch4 Sport Band Maison Kitsuné. The bold Twilight Violet strap with small Fox detail not only makes a style statement but is extra durable thanks to the fluoroelastomer materials that can adjust to varying climates and temperatures while you’re on the go. This band is available at the Galaxy Watch Bespoke Studio for your Galaxy Watch4 or Galaxy Watch4 Classic.

The Galaxy Buds2
Maison Kitsuné Edition

Experience a new world of sound with the innovative design of the Galaxy Buds2 Maison Kitsuné Edition.

Order available soon.

  • ¹Available on Galaxy S series, Galaxy Z Flip series, Galaxy Note series and selected Galaxy A series with Android 10 and above. Wi-Fi or data network connection required.
  • ²Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) on Galaxy Buds2 cuts external background noise by up to 98%, backed by UL Verification.

Turn up an

Feel the vibe of a pop playlist specially curated by the Kitsuné Musique label to celebrate the Samsung x Maison Kitsuné collaboration.

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