How to Keep Your Phone Clean

Keeping yourself, your belongings and environment clean protects you and your loved ones against potential risks.

Clean phones tips Clean phones tips

Mobiles are essential devices that we touch at least 50 times a day. We take them everywhere we go and use them for endless purposes – whether we are working from home, or out to stock up on daily essentials. This leaves them extremely exposed to dirt and germs – most of that aren’t even visible to our naked eyes. Here are a few tips to keep your mobile devices clean:

Tips on how to clean your mobile Tips on how to clean your mobile

Wipe It

Use a microfiber cloth with an alcohol-based cleaner or disinfectant wipes to carefully clean your mobile phone throughout the day. It’s preferable to have these cleaning tools at work, and at home so you can refresh your mobile constantly.

Make sure you unplug your phone while performing all cleaning operations and never wash your phone with materials such as water, soap, vinegar, or detergent. Don’t forget to clean your phone case too.

Tips on how to clean your mobile Tips on how to clean your mobile

Leave it

To most of us, having our phone in hand is almost second nature. Our device might end up in unsanitary places such as toilets, in turn collecting harmful microbes and bacteria on your phone’s body. These dangerous pathogens could easily transfer from your phone to your hands and face, causing potential harm to your health. We recommend to leave your phone in your pocket and off any surfaces in public, and only use it after washing your hands with soap and water.

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* Samsung will not be responsible for any damage to the devices caused by the use of liquid or chemical solutions, or incorrect method thereof, not specified in this document. Samsung warns against the use of abrasive materials or alcohol-based solutions not approved for electronic devices since such use will likely scratch the device's screen or wear down the oleophobic coating layer that keeps fingerprints from smudging the display. Samsung cannot guarantee as to the efficacy of the proposed guidelines. Cleaning and sanitization results may vary and may not kill all bacteria, germs and viruses.