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Delightful experiences, designed by you

Your Galaxy becomes simpler, more convenient and optimized with One UI. It provides you with meaningful innovations and improves your everyday life, ensuring that you adapt in the ever-changing world. Also One UI continues to evolve to bring your joyful experiences to life.

A series of Galaxy screens showing One UI features. Lock screen, S Pen toolbox, App icons, AR emoji mask video call, Edge panel, Galaxy watchface, AR emoji and Setting menu.

*Some of screens images and features are available from One UI 3. One UI 3 will be available from Nov. 2020 or later.
**Availability of One UI 3 features, apps and services may vary depending on the device, country, region and carrier.
***Actual user interface may change due to product enhancement.

Designed for your convenience

The enhanced Quick panel allows you to seamlessly switch back and forth between your music and videos. Also, with the improved Notification panel, more information is available at a glance even when the phone is locked, and you can easily check messages from multiple apps in one spot.

Two Galaxy screens are shown side-by-side. The left shows how you can see your notifications easily with Lock screen. The right shows how easily you can change your music with Quick panel.

*Updated features of Lock screen and Quick panel are available from One UI 3.
**Availability of One UI 3 features, apps and services may vary depending on the device, country, region and carrier.
***Actual user interface may change due to product enhancement.

Designed to be optimized for screen size. One UI makes your Galaxy Z Fold2 experience even more special. When unfolded, your apps adjust to the Main Screen, which opens up an immersive and enjoyable experience. When folded back, they adjust again for a seamless transition.

Two Galaxy Z Fold2s are shown side-by-side, with the left device folded and the right device unfolded. Both devices show ‘My Files’ on their screens, which illustrates how apps now adapt to the folded/unfolded status of the Galaxy Z Fold2 intuitively for seamless view adjustment.

*View adjustment of Galaxy Z Fold2 availability may vary by app.

Your phone, customized your way

Dynamic lock screen

Refresh your lock screen with a different image every time you unlock your phone. With an abundant pool of high-quality images in 10 different categories, you don't need to search the web anymore. Now also available for Galaxy Tab devices.

Numerous Galaxy displays with different lock screens, illustrating the many image options provided by Dynamic lock screen.

*10 categories are available from One UI 3. 5 categories are available with One UI 2.5.
**Dynamic Lock Screen is available on Galaxy Tab devices with One UI 2.5.
***Availability of Dynamic lock screen may vary depending on device.

Good Lock

Good Lock lets you easily personalize your device in more ways that suit your preference. With Wonderland, you can create your own moving wallpaper that responds when you move your phone. With Pentastic, you can customize your S Pen Air commands, the Pointer and sound settings.

A Galaxy device is shown on the left with layers of translucent screens overlaid. On the right, an S Pen chooses different effects to layer onto the screen, illustrating how you could create your own moving lock screen with Wonderland.

*Good Lock needs to be downloaded for use. Some of Good Lock's features may require additional download.
**Good Lock is available in 10 countries (South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK) and in 3 languages (Korean, English, Chinese).
***Pentastic is currently available only on Galaxy Note20.

Get multiple things done on a single screen

With Multi-Active Window, you can partition your screen into halves or even three parts to make multitasking an absolute breeze. Open multiple apps at once, place them in the position and size you see fit. You are all set to work or play your way.

Two unfolded Galaxy Z Fold2s are shown side-by-side. Both of them show how you could easily multitask by opening different apps simultaneously with Multi-Active Window. The left shows a screen divided into two parts, top and bottom, while the right shows a screen divided into three parts, top half divided again into two and the bottom half.

*Multi-Active Window's 3-section split-screen feature is available on Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Fold2, Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+.
**Certain applications may not support Multi-Active Window.

New ways to take your best shot

A woman directly facing you, holding an unfolded Galaxy Z Fold2 with the rear camera facing you and the Cover Screen at the bottom showing a preview of your photo, illustrating how easily you could check the photo in real-time with Dual Preview feature.


It's easier to get the better picture thanks to a foldable phone with two screens. The preview can be seen by not only the person taking the picture, but also the person being photographed. So, you now can adjust your pose while checking how you'll be photographed.

An unfolded Galaxy Z Fold2 is held up with the rear camera and the Cover Screen facing you. The preview on the Cover Screen illustrates how easily you could check your selfie in real-time with Rear Cam Selfie feature.


Ramp up your selfies with a high resolution rear camera. Preview your shot on the Cover Screen and take selfies that you'll want to brag about.

*Dual Preview and Rear Cam Selfie are available on Galaxy Z Fold2. These features will be available on Galaxy Fold with One UI 3 upgrade.
**One UI 3 upgrade schedule for Galaxy Fold may vary depending on device, country, region and carrier.

A more joyful way to communicate

Take joy in communicating with your friends and colleagues. With One UI 3, full-screen video calls are supported. Also, AR emoji masks that imitate your facial expressions make video calls more fun and enjoyable.

AR emoji mask video call screen is in the center, and there are several AR emoji images around it.

*Full-screen video calls are available from One UI 3, and AR emoji masks are available from One UI 2.5.
**Availability of One UI 3 features, apps and services may vary depending on the device, country, region and carrier.
***Actual user interface may change due to product enhancement.

Enjoy the better Android experience on your Galaxy

One UI brings innovations that make the Android experience better. Enjoy the next generation of mobile experience with foldable devices that can flex to fit you, and other new and joyful experiences of One UI.

A Galaxy Z Fold2 device sits on a table with the top screen folded roughly upright. The top half shows a video being played and the bottom half shows the comment section.

The One UI experience is as enjoyable as it is secure. Your private data is protected by our multi-layered Knox security platform. Also, Smart Switch ensures easy and secure transfer of your precious data from the old device to your new Galaxy when you switch.

Two Galaxy devices, side-by-side, with the left device showing a large Knox icon at the center. A transfer icon between the two devices illustrate how easily you could transfer your data from your old Galaxy device to your new Galaxy device with Smart Switch.

You can find the schedule for One UI upgrades from Notices on the Samsung Members App.
You can download and install Samsung Members from Galaxy Store.

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