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Meet the appliance dispelling laundry pain points


Not all laundry loads are built equal. In addition to transforming soiled clothes, dusty bed linen and furniture covers back to their pristine states – frequent washes can damage delicate clothes that only need a refresh before being worn again. While we have all had our days of washing delicate items by hand, Samsung has enabled a new era of ease, convenience, and simplicity – making its mark in the field of clothing care.


Merging contemporary design and innovative technology, AirDresser removes odors and wrinkles, offering cost-effective, time-saving home laundry solution. Recently released in the UAE, the appliances comprises a host of futuristic features that refreshes styles and sanitizes clothing without washing. What’s more, AirDresser also ensures clothes are groomed gently, increasing their lifespan by helping consumers avoid washing their favorite items too frequently, which can cause damage to the delicate fabric.


Delivering deodorization, pollutant removal, wrinkle care and drying functions in a sleek plug-in device, the AirDresser allows you to keep your clothing, accessories and fabric items in top condition while cutting down on trips to the dry cleaner.


AirDresser is Samsung’s response to consumer demand for more dynamic performance from even basic appliances, providing an easy and effective home solution to meet their needs for clean clothes that smell fresh, are germ free and look neat. This innovative appliance elevates modern life by transforming how we care for our clothes at home, giving consumers more freedom to spend their time doing things they want to do.


A recent survey conducted by Samsung in the UAE shed light on consumer attitudes towards the laundry, including specific pain points. Here, we explore the benefits provided by the Air Dresser’s brilliance and show how the most common laundry troubles are being addressed:


Clothes deodorized, sanitized, and refreshed like never before


We’ve all experienced the disappointment of picking an item for special occasions from the wardrobe, only to find they are not in the pristine condition we expected despite being unused for an extended period of time. With Self Clean technology, hygiene and cleanliness are  maintained inside, so this disappointment will never be experienced again. What’s more, more than a quarter of UAE consumers (35%) have often struggled to achieve the desired smell for their clothes while doing the laundry. With the Air Dresser, this obstacle is overcome permanently because the appliance dehumidifies, sanitizes, and deodorizes every item without the need for detergents, using the winning combination of heat, air, and steam instead.


More pollutants cling to our clothes than we realize. Fortunately, Samsung’s AirDresser employs a number of methods to thoroughly refresh your clothing inside and out. AirDresser uses its Deodorizing Filter function to freshen clothes, breaking down the odor-causing particles caused by sweat, tobacco, and food, while preventing unpleasant smells from building up inside the unit. Meanwhile, Self Clean technology dehumidifies, sanitizes, and deodorizes the interior of the AirDresser without requiring harsh or costly detergents by cleaning with a combination of heat, air, and steam. It even notifies users whenever it needs cleaning every 40 cycles.



A new era of garment care


Ironing has always been a huge pain point.Of UAE respondents, the majority (70%) said laundry is time-consuming, and more than half (61%) insisted ironing is tiring and time-consuming. With AirDresser, untidy wrinkles in your clothing become a distant memory. In addition to treating garments with powerful steam that smoothes out wrinkles, the AirDresser employs a weight kit system that helps to relax wrinkles in your garments from top to bottom.


Fortunately, the Air Dresser’s JetStream function infuses high-temperature steam into clothing fabrics. At the same time, the Jet Air system blows powerful bursts of air upwards and downwards in this closest while the clothes are placed on Air Hangers, further ensuring clothes are free of any areas potentially requiring a straighten via an iron.



Making contaminated clothing a thing of the past


For consumers with busy lifestyles, ensuring that their clothes are fresh and ready to take out and wear when needed is very important. A key pain point besides time consumption for UAE consumers is cost, with almost half of people (41%) regularly using third parties to handle laundry. This is something that the Air Dresser permanently solves because once purchased, it’s yours for good with no further expenses. Staying on the subject of laundry services, many UAE consumers (64%) attributed peace of mind as a reason to use external sources to deal with clothing care, although almost more than half (60%) then worry about damage and shrinkage.


AirDresser can also handle delicate materials such as fur, which usually requires professional service. Fur care dehumidifies 90% of the moisture trapped in fur, which increases its volume by 78% and helps maintain its original condition, thus extending its lifespan. As a result, it can keep a wide variety of items made of fur, including coats, wraps, or shawls, looking their best for much longer.


Whether your main cleaning priority is your suit jackets, your evening dresses, or your baby’s soft stuffed toys, the AirDresser has a cycle for you to gently steam and sanitize, keeping your lifestyle hygienic. When desiging the AirDresser, we merged sleek, contemporary design with high-performance technology, opening up a whole new appliance category capable of addressing the increasing consumer demand for health and hygiene-conscious products at home.


*Disclaimer: In total, 300 UAE residents of mixed nationalities participated in Samsung’s recent survey, 161 men and 139 women. Of this group, 277 were aged 30-45 and 23 aged 46-50.