How to check the Samsung AC with no power?

Last Update date : 2022-04-28

The AC unit is very important at home or office to arrange the temperature, especially during summer, also giving clean fresh air free of bacteria and dust, and the AC requires electric power to operate.

Reasons of AC no power

  • Electricity at the place has a problem.
  • Remote control issue or AC remote battery has a problem.
  • The problem inside the AC.


The source of electricity in your place might have an issue or short. For safety checking, you have to do the following steps

1 Check the circuit power switch if it has a problem.
2 Remove any appliance plugged in connected to the same line, then start to connect one by one.
3 Switch AC power-on. If the circuit breaker switch drops off again, maybe the issue is the Ac power switch button or the Air Condition itself has an internal problem.
4 If the AC circuit switch dropped off when the power AC on. That means need to check the electricity at home by a professional electrician.

The battery has a lifetime. if the battery is dead that means the remote will not be able to respond to the orders.

Internal issues on the Air Conditioning unit

However; if the above will not be helpful, then there will be a need for a service visit to check the Air Condition and fix the issue.

Note: To book a service visit, please call our contact center to get help about the issue. Our helpful agents will be there to help you.


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