How to use the Power saving feature of Samsung Refrigerator?

Last Update date : 2022-11-30

The power-saving feature reduces the amount of power the appliance uses by stopping the fridge compartment from functioning.

Some models will turn off the heater on the door to save energy. But if condensation appears on the door. will have to switch it on again.

The Energy Saver function is set to "ON" in the factory.

1 Touch the Energy Saver button to turn the Energy Saver mode on.
2 Press the Energy Saver button again to turn the Energy Saver mode off.
3 When off, the Energy Saver icon will not be lit up.

1. Energy-saving refrigerators need air to absorb the heat they extract from inside the fridge and freezer compartments.


2. The cooling in the fridge will be more efficient if you can keep the heat-exchanging surfaces away from your refrigerator


3. The refrigerator will save more energy if don't expose to direct sunlight.


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