What to do if the washing machine does not spin?

Last Update date : 2023-02-27

It's happening from time to time that your machine suddenly stops during the cycle or doesn't spin, so use the guide below to help determine the possible reasons that can cause this issue and what you can do to try to resolve it.

The Washing Machine is too Full

When your washing machine is overstuffed, it may fill but not spin. Some washer models have automatic detectors to tell you if you've overfilled your washing machine, but many don't. The machine generally won't recognize the issue until the washer has filled with water. If that's the case, unfortunately, your only solution is to remove some of the soggy clothes.

The load isn't balanced properly

If you're trying to wash only a couple of heavy items, your washing machine may not spin or may not spin effectively. This often occurs when you're washing things like a comforter or shoes.

Follow the below To solve this problem :

1 Open the door and redistribute the load more evenly around the drum.
2 Check that the drum is not over or under loaded. (Washing single large items are unlikely to spin successfully. Add some extra items or remove excess items to balance the load.)
3 Start the cycle again.
Check the Flooring/Leveling

For best performance, the washing machine must be installed on a solid floor. Carpeting and soft tile surfaces might result in excess vibration of the unit & stop spinning. Don't install the washing machine on a platform or a poorly supported structure.

If the floor is not level, use the leveling feet to adjust the level of the unit with the floor.

Check below to find out How to adjust the leveling feet:

1 Gently slide the washing machine into position. Excessive force may damage the leveling feet.
2 Level the washing machine by manually adjusting the levelling feet.
3 When leveling is complete, tighten the nuts using the spanner.
level washing machine
Check drain

If the unit does not drain the water completely the spin cycle will not start.

Check the below if the water did not drain completely:

 1. Make sure the drain hose is straightened all the way to the drain system.

 2. Make sure the debris filter is not clogged. Clean the debris filter.    

How to clean the debris filter?

1 Turn off the washing machine and unplug the power cord.
2 Drain the remaining water inside the drum. See the "Emergency drain" section.
3 Gently press the top area of the filter cover to open.
4 Turn the debris filter knob to the left and drain off the remaining water.

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