How do I keep the rubber of the washing machine door from breaking?

Last Update date : 2023-07-27

One of the most essential parts of front-load washing machines is the large rubber gasket around the door. This gasket prevents water from flowing out of the washer when in use.

Rubber is broken in the washing machine

  1. Washing fabrics that are heavily soiled with oil, grease, or other greasy substances can damage the rubber parts of the washing machine.

  2. Zips, metal buttons, and other metallic objects catch the door seal when loading and unloading the appliance.

  3. Overloading the machine or catching the laundry between the seal and the door panel when closing the door.

  4. Some chemicals will damage the rubber.

  • Open the washer door and remove any clothing or items from the washer.

  • Inspect the gray-colored rubber between the door opening and the basket for stains.

  • Wipe the rubber with a soft brush, kitchen towel, or damp cloth. If using a detergent, dilute it with warm tap water before using it on the seal.

  • Pull back the rubber to inspect all areas under the rubber and check for foreign objects.

  • After cleaning the seal area, wipe down the area thoroughly with a dry cloth and leave it to dry.

Cleaning rubber
  • Before each wash, empty all the pockets of your laundry. Small, irregularly shaped hard objects, such as coins, pins, and paperclips could damage your washing machine.
  • Do not wash clothing with large buckles, buttons, or other heavy metal objects. 
  • Turn clothing with buttons and embroidered items inside out before washing them. If zips on pants and jackets are opened while washing, the spin basket may be damaged.


Do not overload your washing machine

  • In extreme cases, clothes may become lodged between the door seal and the inner drum of the machine, which may tear or permanently damage your clothes and the rubber.
  • An excessively heavy load will put stress on the bearings of your machine, which in turn could cause premature appliance failure.
  • Furthermore, a normal dose of detergent won’t be enough to effectively clean a massive washing load. That means your dirty laundry will stay dirty, ultimately costing you more time and energy to get a wardrobe full of fresh attire.


Chemical materials can damage the washing machine

  • Do not put the cloth with chemical materials directly in the washing machine. The first thing you have to do is pre-wash before washing in the washing machine.



  • We recommend not using the appliance if the door seal is damaged. Using the machine with a damaged door seal may lead to washing machine damage.
  • To book a service visit, please call our contact center to get help about the issue. Our helpful agents will be there to help you.

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