Why there is dew condense inside of Samsung refrigerator?

Last Update date : 2022-11-30

Condensation happens as heated air within the refrigerator cools. Moisture will accumulate on the interior of the refrigerator if there is too much moisture present. To access the troubleshooting guides, watch the video below:

The Samsung refrigerator can generate dews inside of it. It can be caused by various reasons.

1 Hot food is placed inside the refrigerator.

Whenever hot food is placed inside the refrigator, it will cause condensation transforming heat into dews inside the refrigerator.

Let the food cool down first before placing it inside the refrigerator.

2 Unpacked vegetables inside the refrigerator

Some vegetables creates moisture that condenses inside the refrigerator naturally.

Please make sure that the vegetables are packed in plastic bag or container.

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