Where is the correct location for a wall-mounted Samsung air conditioner installation?

Last Update date : 2021-04-15

The correct location to install the wall-mounted air conditioner is as follows. However, for the best results, we strongly recommend the Samsung installation team install the air conditioner.

Choosing the installation location

Indoor unit

indoor unit

  • For the Wi-Fi Air-conditioner installation, select an indoor unit location near the wireless router.
  • In case the Wi-Fi signal strength is weak, the Smart APP may be disconnected depending on the Wi-Fi signal strength.
  • Where airflow is not blocked.
  • Where cool air can be distributed throughout the room.
  • Wall that prevents vibration and is strong enough to hold the product weight.
  • Away from direct sunlight.
  • 1 m (3.3 ft) or more away from a TV or radio to prevent the screen from being distorted or noise from being generated.
  • As far away as possible from fluorescent and incandescent lights so that the remote controller can be operated well.
  • A place where the air filter can be replaced easily.
  • Do not install directly above electronic equipment as leaking water may cause damage if not serviced. (e.g. Computers, TV, etc.).
  • Do not install directly above windows or doors. Condensation may form in the indoor unit when the cold wind from the indoor unit and the warm outside temperature meet.

Outdoor unit

outdoor unit

  • Where it is not exposed to strong wind.
  • Well ventilated and dustless places.
  • Where it is possible to keep it away from sunlight and rain.
  • Where neighbors are not annoyed by the operation sound or hot air.
  • Solid wall or support that prevents vibration and is strong enough to hold the product weight.
  • Where there is no risk of flammable gas leakage.
  • When installing the unit at a high place be sure to fix the unit legs.
  • 3 m (9.8 ft) or more away from the TV or radio to prevent the screen from being distorted or noise from being generated.
  • Where the draining water does not cause any problems.
  • Place with no plants (especially climbing plants) and where small animals cannot access it.
  • The outdoor unit should not be placed higher than 2.4 m or directly under eaves for accessibility for service and OH&S reasons.
  • Do not install the outdoor unit in a place where it is directly exposed to seawater or a sea breeze. Make sure to install the outdoor unit behind a structure (such as a building or protection wall) that can block any possible sea breeze.

Install an air conditioner at the correct height and distance from the wall facings

Please see the below diagram to get an exact idea of the installation standards.

correct height and location of air conditioner


  • The appearance of the unit may be different from the diagram depending on your model.
  • The Indoor unit that is installed inside the room should always be at a greater height than the outdoor unit.
  • The length of the pipe that connects the indoor and outdoor unit should be at least 3 meters.
  • The height difference between the indoor and outdoor unit from the ground depends on the model and the length of the pipe used. Refer to the installation manual for the maximum pipe length and height difference.

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