During a normal or speaker call, the other party's voice becomes abruptly louder or quieter.

Last Update date : 2022-02-22

The Galaxy S22 is equipped with a stereo speaker at the top and bottom and device operates in a stereo mode of proper level during a

speaker mode call or video call. In order to prevent the user from being unable to recognize the “setting of one speaker mode call”

and taking it to the ear to prevent hearing loss, the sound volume of the top speaker is configured to be reduced through proximity sensor recognition.

If the contact is released(the sensor and object are away) under situations that the upper speaker sound volume is reduced by contact of the cover, body, or other objects, the upper speaker sound volume returns normally and you may feel as if the sound volume has increased.

Alternatively, if the 'Speaker' button is unintentionally pressed during a call, the call volume may suddenly become louder.

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