Galaxy S10 series: How to use the Mobile hotspot and WIFI sharing?

Last Update date : 2020-11-20

The Wi-Fi hotspot feature lets you share your mobile device’s data connection with other devices by turning your device into a wireless access point. 


You can share your device’s mobile data connection to any wireless device like the computer, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Connect Using Mobile Hotspot
1 From the home screen, swipe down the notification bar and Tap Settings
2 Tap Connections
Tap on connections
3 Tap Mobile Hotspot and Tethering
Mobile Hotspot and Tehtering
4 Tap Mobile Hotspot
mobile hotspot
5 Toggle on the Switch to turn on the Hotspot
Toogle on the Mobile hotspot
Connect using WIFI sharing
1 Swipe the Navigation bar and Open Settings
Open settings
2 Tap Connections
WIFI connections
3 Tap Mobile Hotspot and Tethering
Mobile HS
4 Toggle on the WIFI sharing and then press OK
Turnon the Wifi sharing
5 Toggle on the switch to turn on the Hotspot
Turnon the mobile data

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