How to request for a Samsung remote service appointment?

Last Update date : 2021-02-07

Samsung contact center is equiped with a tool to check your phone remotely while you are at home. While you can call us and request for it directly, you can also book a remote service.

You can use Your Service and book for a remote service after logging in with your Samsung Account.

Access Your Service

1. You can click here and go directly to Your Service page, or

2. Go to and click Your Service in the footer section.


Sign in / Create a new Samsung Account.

1. If you are logged in with your Samsung account in other Samsung services in your PC, you will be directly logged in to Your Service.

2. If not, you will be asked to log in or to register a Samsung account. We suggest you log in with the same Samsung account registered in your phone.

Booking for Remote Service

1. Once logged in, go to Support Request tab.

2. You will find the list of Samsung products you have registered under your Samsung account.

3. Find your device and click on Support Request button beside it.



4. Fill the personal information.

5. Type your main issue in details, and the preferred time to have a call from our side, then Confirm your request.


6. Once you press Confirm, you will be directed to the page that shows your request and you just wait for our helpful agents to contact you in your prefered date and time.


For faster support, you may install now the Smart tutor app to your Samsung Galaxy phone.


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