How to use Find My Mobile Service to find a lost phone?

Last Update date : 2023-02-27

If you lost your phone ! Find My Mobile will help you locate your device and protect your data.

Enable find my mobile
1 Go to Settings, and scroll down.
2 Press Biometric and Security, then tap Find My Mobile.
3 Enable Find My Mobile.
4 Press on Toggle to activate Find my phone.
5 Sign in to your Samsung Account.
6 Enter your Email and the Password, then Sing In.
7 In Find My Mobile page enable Remote Unlock.

Note :

  • You can also use this feature to unlock your phone if you forget your password or PIN.
  • To track the device it must be switched on, connected to the internet and logged into your Samsung Account. 
Find your device by using computer device
1 Go to the Find My Mobile website .
2 Sign In with the same Samsung Account added to the lost device.
3 Select and enable the desired features.

  • Track Location : will track the lost mobile location.
  • Lock : will lock the lost mobile.
  • Ring : your lost mobile will ring on maximum volume for 1 minute. 

Note: Please Contact us regarding any inquiry or issue, our agents are available all the time.

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