Tips to connect with GPS while in your car

Last Update date : 2020-11-20

If you have problems related to GPS or location searching, please check the following options.


1 Check if the Google Location Accuracy option is activated on your device.From Settings, tap Location(On) > Google Location Accuracy > On
2 Check the current parking location or weather conditions.GPS signal strength may decrease in locations where the signal is obstructed, such as between buildings or in low-lying areas, or in poor weather conditions.
3 If you attach metallic stickers on the antenna area of the device or a device cover made with metallic material, it may affect to GPSsignal. And check if device is standing on dashboard. If it is placed inside the vehicle, it may affect the GPS signal.
4 Additionally, check for the current GPS signal through GPS Test application.

a. Install the “GPS Test” from Google Play Store
b. Check the “GNSS Status” value on installed GPS Test
· When "3D Fix" appears, GPS signal of your device is normal
· When "No Fix“ appears, device has any problems about GPS signal. So, please register the symptoms and car information with log file through Samsung Members Error reports. Then, Samsung will search for additional solution and reply to you.

You need to check at both conditionswhile turning on car and turning off car.

If the symptom appears only while turning on car, the GPS signal may be affected by electronics within car.

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