What is the One UI version?

Last Update date : 2022-02-22

One UI 4 applied



1. Comfortable, Intuitive and Self-expressive: Provides a comfortable experience based on the current One UI

 1) Focus on what matters: By using restrained colors and applying bold text, it is designed to be comfortable for the eyes so that users can focus on the important things

 2) Natural Interaction: Provides emotional using experience by providing sound / visual / haptic feedback in harmony (with new haptic IC)

 3) Self Expression

  - Expressive emoji : Express and deliver various and complex emotions through emoji combination

  - Color palette : Device can be decorated to suit the user's taste by applying the color extracted from wallpaper to buttons, menus, backgrounds, etc.,

2. Personalized Suggestion: Based on the on-device intelligent platform, recommend optimal customized actions and provide widget experiences depending on usage patterns/situations.

 1) Smart Suggestion

  - Analyze text information in the message (including the 3rd party apps below) to recommend expected actions or provide keyboard autofill when entering related apps

   · Text selection pop-up → Add Event, Map, Email, Open(link), Call/Add contact/Message

   · In App Suggestion → ① Calendar: (KO/EN) Add Date time/Address/Title,      (other languages) Add Date time

                                            ② Reminder: (KO/EN) Add Date time(start time)/Title,  (other languages) Add Date time

                                            ③ Samsung Message App: Add event, Open Map (In app recommendation is limited for conversations

                                                                                            with people saved in contact)


· Keyboard Autofill → Address, Phone Number, Email, URL (According to the Inputfield property, provide necessary information on the Intelligence platform including 3rd party apps)

     ※ Supported 3rd party apps     : KakaoTalk, Line, Whatsapp, Hangout, Facebook Lite, Viber, Signal

         Unsupported 3rd party apps : Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram, WeChat, Discord, Google Chat)

   · Information extraction and available actions

 · Languages :  Support 15 languages provided by Google Entity Extraction API.

                            Korean is provided by Samsung solution (after secure language performance, then it will be replaced by Samsung solution)

       ※  Arabic, Portuguese, English (US, UK), Dutch, French, German. Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional),

            Spanish, Thai, Turkish

 2) Smart Widget

  - Home screen can be used efficiently by overlapping multiple widgets and automatic rotation is provided based on user context

  - Provides recommended widget experience suitable for user situation (App usage pattern, context, etc.) : Glance Widget (Upcoming event, Daily event, Wearable status).



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