How to fix power issues for home theater and sound bars?

Last Update date : 2021-10-03

Samsung Home Theater and the Soundbars syncs with your Samsung TV, together creating immersive sound. It combines and enhances sound through the soundbar's speakers as well as the TV's speakers, giving you a new level of acoustic immersion so you can experience content like never before.

Unfortunately you may not enjoy these features, if you are facing a power issues.

You may find that your home theater or soundbar has power issue when:

  • Soundbar has no power.
  • No sound is produced from soundbar.
  • The soundbar does not respond to the Remote control.
  • Soundbar keeps turning ON / OFF automatically.
Soundbar has no power.

Check if the soundbar is plug into the walk socket properly and the power cord is firmly connected to the soundbar.

1 Unplug soundbar from wall socket.

Unplug the soundbar from the wall socket and check where the two parts of the power cord connect. 

Your power cord actually comes in two parts and it is this connection between them that is most likely to be forgotten about. Disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet first, and then check where the two parts connect. Be sure to connect them firmly; they should not easily disconnect.

2 Wall socket test.

Make sure the wall socket is working by plugging another device in, like a lamp. 

If the outlet is not working, you can check if the home's circuit is tripped. Otherwise, contact an electrician for further assistance.

3 Check the power cord connection.

Make sure the power cord on the back of the soundbar is firmly connected to the soundbar. There should not be any gaps and it should not disconnect easily.

4 Plug the soundbar into the wall socket and turn it on.

If the soundbar still didn't turn on, please visit our Samsung service locations, or call our contact center for any further assistance.

No sound is produced from the Soundbar.
1 No sound when soundbar are connected through the TV.

- Make sure your TV is set to use external speakers

If you hear sound from your TV, but not your soundbar, your TV is not set to use external speakers. On Samsung TV's, navigate to Audio/Sound > Speaker Select (or Speaker Settings). 

Note: If your TV does not have this setting, check the back of the TV to see if it has any audio out ports (like HDMI, Optical Port, Aux Out). If it does not, then your TV does not support external sound systems.  

- Set the source for the soundbar

Use the source button to adjust the source to how the TV is connected. The front display on the soundbar will show the currently selected source from one of these options:

  • HDMI
  • D-IN/Optical Audio
  • AUX
  • Bluetooth

- Check the cables

Make sure the cable is securely plugged in at both ends and check if audio works. If there is still no audio, replace the cable and try again.

If the soundbar does not output sound, please visit our Samsung service locations, or call our contact center for any further assistance.


• If the mute function is on, press the Volume button to cancel the Mute function.

Remote control issue.

The soundbar may not turn on if the remote control has an issue.

1 Replace the remote control batteries with new ones.
2 Clean the upper edge of the remote control (Transmission Window).
3 Move closer to the soundbar and try again.
4 Test the remote control Infrared LED.

Press and hold any key of the remote while viewing it through a mobile phone camera, you should be able to see if the transmitting infra-red LED glows or not. If the LED glows than the remote operates correctly.

Note : If your remote is still not working, please call our contact center and our helpful agents will be there for further assistance.

Soundbar keeps turning ON / OFF automatically.

Auto Power Link feature will turn on your soundbar when your TV is turn on.

To disable the Auto Power Link feature, find the Auto Power button on your soundbar remote and press it once. Each time the button is pressed, your soundbar will alternate between Power Link On and Power Link Off. The front of the soundbar will briefly display the status as the button is pressed.

Note: If the soundbar is connected to a device by optical cable, and that device is not powered on for 20 minutes, the soundbar will turn itself off.

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