What to do when Samsung TV keeps turning on and off?

Last Update date : 2021-02-10

For your convenience, there are many ways for your TV to connect with other devices and automatically turn on or off when needed. However, if your TV is turning off and on continuously, there are one or two simple actions you can take to fix it. The first step is unplugging the TV from the power source.

1 Unplug the TV for 30 seconds.

Unplug the TV from the wall outlet or surge protector and leave it unplugged for 30 seconds.

2 Inspect the power cord for damage.

Check the power cord to see if there is any visible damage. If the power cord appears to be damaged. You can get a replacement from our service center or call our contact center for further assistance. 

3 Plug the TV power cord back into the wall outlet.

If you were using a surge protector, bypass it for now and use a wall outlet.

4 Try to update the software.

In some cases, a software update can correct the problem. There is a risk, however. If the TV turns off during the software update, it could damage the TV. Updates can take up to 30 minutes depending on network speed, so if the TV is not turning off too frequently, try updating the software by the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Support.
  3. Click on Software Update and the Update Now.
5 Disable the Power On with Mobile option.

TVs which can connect to SmartThings can be turned on using compatible devices, sometimes automatically. However, if abnormal "power on" signals are sent through the wireless network, they will trigger this function and make the TV turn on.

If you do not want this function, navigate to Settings > General > Network > Expert Settings > Power On with Mobile, and turn the setting off.

Important: By default, some HDMI devices are set to turn the TV on when they turn on. This feature is Anynet+, also known as HDMI-CEC, and allows you to control both devices with your TV remote. If you want to turn on your devices separately, you can turn off Anynet+ in Settings > General > External Device Manager, but you will no longer be able to use your TV remote for both devices.

Note: If the TV continues to turn off and on by itself continuously, please call our contact Center to request a service appointment.

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