What should you do if you hear a buzzing or vibrating sound from the TV speaker?

Last Update date : 2024-01-10

On your Samsung TV from 2022, the speaker's woofer may be to cause for any loud noises that sound like buzzing or vibrations emanating from the speaker. When the TV is on loud, this can happen. Fortunately, a forthcoming software update will allow you to resolve this problem.

1 Check your TV model.

The following TV models are affected by this issue:

2022 8K models, QN700B, QN800B, and QN900B

2022 4K model and QN95B

If your TV is included in the above list, please continue to the next steps.


2 Update the software on your TV when available.

Check your TV for the upcoming software update. When it is available, download the update.

3 Request service.

Note: If the issue has not been resolved after updating the software on your TV, please contact Samsung Support to request service .

*The features mentioned can be available on specific models. Please refer to your user manual for more information.

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