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How to use Space Zoom
(Galaxy S20)

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Learn the secrets to longer battery life

For a phone that keeps up with you, activate Adaptive Power Saving Go to: Settings > Advanced Features > Device Care > Battery > Power Mode > Adaptive Power Saving

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Shoot and share to YouTube in an instant

Upload your latest masterpiece with just a few taps. Go to: Gallery > Select your video > Tap share > Select YouTube

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Capture the tiniest detail

Appreciate the little things with your phone’s macro lens. Try it: Open your camera > More > Macro

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Step up your game

Tweak your phone’s resolution to get stunning graphics. Try it: Open a game > Swipe up to open Game Booster > Screen Resolution

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Go where the action is

Capture smooth and professional-looking video, automatically stabilised, even when you’re on the move.

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Turn yourself into an Emoji

Turn yourself into an augmented reality masterpiece and share your new self with the world. Go to: Camera > More > AR Emoji > Create My Emoji

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An easier way to take selfies

Use the Palm Gesture on your phone and take selfies and we-fies with a wave of your hand. Try it: Settings > Shooting Methods > Show Palm > Show your palm to the front camera to activate the countdown timer

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Keep tabs on your battery life

Know how much juice you have left at a glance. Go to: Settings > Search ‘Status Bar’ > Status Bar > Show Battery Percentage

Change up the focus. Learn how to add bokeh photo effects with the next generation Galaxy S10.

Unlock your phone securely

Whether you’ve got your hands full or your glasses on, you can unlock your phone using a variety of methods Go to: Settings > Biometrics and Security

Change up the focus. Learn how to add bokeh photo effects with the next generation Galaxy S10.

How to take bokeh style shots

Galaxy S10 camera

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Ready to change your ringtone?

Feeling groovy? Or maybe just a little bit chill? Your phone has a variety of ringtones to match your every mood. Go to: Settings > Sounds and Vibration > Ringtone > Select your ringtone

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Wipe the slate clean

Reset all of your settings, or just your network settings. Try it: Open your settings > General management > Reset > Select your desired option

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Master the art of conversation

Create two separate accounts for the same messaging app. Go to: Settings > Advanced Features > Dual Messenger > Toggle switch of your desired app > Install

A closeup view of a man in sunglasses, smiling. His right arm is raised and outstretched to the sky.

How to use Space Zoom

Galaxy S20 tips

A person is making a splash, halfway submerged in an outdoor pool. A woman outside the pool looks on with her mouth ajar. A man also observes the scene, sitting in the pool chair next to her with a book on his lap.

How to use 8K Video Snap

Galaxy S20 tips

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How to use Bright Night

Galaxy S20 tips

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How to use Super Steady

Galaxy S20 tips

Learn how to add depth to your videos on the next generation Galaxy Note10.

How to add bokeh with Live focus video

Galaxy Note10 tips

Shoot smooth, stabilized videos with the next generation Galaxy Note10.

How to shoot Super steady videos

Galaxy Note10 tips

Record sound without the background noise with the next generation Galaxy Note10.

How to use the Zoom-In Mic

Galaxy Note10 tips

Learn how to shoot, edit, and share your videos all on the next generation Galaxy Note10.

How to use the Video Editor

Galaxy Note10 tips

SmartThings app opened on the phone screen, QLED TV in the backdrop of the image

Control your TV from any room in the house

With the SmartThings app connected to your phone and TV, you can control the volume, turn the TV on and off and even change channels from your phone. Step 1: (On your TV) Settings > System > Samsung Account > Sign in Step 2: (On Your Phone) Open SmartThings App > Devices

Woman holding her headphone over her head

Keep the noise in (and out!)

Watch TV as loudly as you want without disturbing others by connecting your Bluetooth headset to your TV through the SmartThings app.

Learn how to switch to hearing ambient sound quickly when you need to.

Tell your TV what to do

To activate the voice assistant, just say ''Hi, Bixby''. Next, try out some common commands like ''Open Netflix'' or 'Volume Down''

Learn how to set up and keep track of your daily activity for better health.

Hide messy cables

Keep your cables organized by using the Samsung One Clear Cable when you set up your TV*. *Selected Models

QLED TV on Ambient mode on the wall

Make your TV match your living room

Your TV can match your living room with the innovative Ambient Mode setting. Ambient Mode can show images, information such as news headlines, weather or the time, your personal photos or set it to show the music you're playing. Ambient Mode is set by hitting the dedicated button on your One Remote and selecting from the display options.

A person holding the One Remote control

Install the apps you use often

You can add apps to your TV's home screen where they're easier to access. Settings > Apps > Select an App > Add to Home

Here’s how you can activate your usual workout at a single press of the button

Control what everyone watches

Control what and when the kids can watch TV by locking certain apps. You can do this by clicking on the Settings gear icon, selecting “Lock” and then entering your TV Pin. Note, the default TV Pin is “0000”.

Gaming control on Samsung TV

Turn your TV into a gaming machine

Immerse yourself in your favourite gaming worlds when you connect your Steam account to your Samsung TV. Just download the Steam Link App from the Samsung Apps page and follow the directions to connect it to your computer.

SmartThings App on TV screen to set my photo.

How to set my photo in Art Mode

The Frame Art Mode

Image shows 2019 QLED's new Ambient Mode pattern 'Light Grid' and smart phone to apply the pattern through SmartThings App.

Turn your room into partyroom

QLED Ambient Mode

A user takes a photo of a landscape to use 2019 QLED Ambient Mode.

Share your moments

QLED Ambient Mode

Man prepares to leave the kitchen, where The Frame hangs on the wall.

Detects Your Presence

The Frame Motion Sensor

Yellow toned art is displayed on The Frame, as the TV sits in a room lit up with sunlight.

Day or Night

The Frame Brightness Sensor

Presentation mode on Galaxy Note9 with S Pen.

Simply Send Photos

The Frame My Collection

A photo of a milkshake with whipped cream on the screen of Galaxy Note9 with S Pen.

Take a screenshot

Grab a quick screenshot anytime you want. Next, click the thumbnail to crop, highlight or draw on your screenshot before you share it with friends. Try it: Volume Down + Power

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Choose your screen orientation

Even with Auto Rotate turned off, you can easily change your screen orientation. Try it: Rotate your phone > Select icon in bottom right-hand corner

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Record your winning steak

Share all the action from your favourite games using the Game Launcher app. Go to: Game Launcher > Open Game > Swipe Up > Game Tools > Record

A person holding a phone in one hand

Use your phone in one hand

With One-Handed Mode, you can carry your coffee and use your phone at the same time. Go To: Settings > Advanced features > Motions and gestures > One-Handed Mode

S Pen remote settings on the screen of Galaxy Note9 with S Pen.

Reduce digital eye strain

We know the light from your phone can be harsh to look at so we've added a Blue Light Fliter to give your eyes a break. Go To: Settings > Display > Blue Light Fliter

Guy sitting down in the backdrop of a Samsung phone

Make your photos more vibrant

You can change your display settings so you can see your photos in beautiful colors. Go To: Settings > Display > Screen Mode > AMOLED photo

Manage stress mode on Galaxy Watch.

Get the perfect picture the first time

The Scene Optimizer detects what you're taking a picture of and adjusts the colours for more beautiful pictures. Go To: Camera Settings > Scene Optimiser

Two girls in the backdrop of a Samsung phone

Say goodbye to blurry selfie

You can move the shutter button to somewhere on the screen that's easy to reach. Go To: Camera Settings > Shooting Methods > Floating Shutter button

The Serif is connected to Galaxy S10.

Turn memories into GIFs

Create live GIFs any time you want by holding down the shutter button. You can edit your custom GIFs from your Gallery and even add stickers! Go To: Camera Settings > Hold Shutter button to > Create GIF

Woman mediatingby the window

Keep an eye on your wellbeing

Monitor your stress level at any time with the Samsung Health app. You can also measure you heart rate and oxygen saturation at the same time. Try it: Swipe up > Samsung Health

Woman resting on her couch, reading a book with a cup of water

Make quiet time a daily habit

Now you can put your phone in ''Do not disturb'' mode for some much-deserved peace and quiet. Don't want to miss a call from someone special? Add them in the 'Állow exceptions'' menu. Go To: Settings > Notifications > Do not disturb

Sea in the backdrop of a Samsung phone

Add a calming wallpaper to your screen

Use your favourite video on your lock screen to help calm your nerves whenever you're feeling stressed out. Go To: Gallery > Select Video > Three dots > Set as wallper

How to pay for purchases with Samsung Pay on your phone

Wake up your phone faster

How to set up your Hybrid SIM

How to use Bixby Voice

Setup Kids Home

Send direct to Instagram

How to use AR stickers

Add live effects to your photos

Enhance your gaming performance

Avoid accidentally pocket dialling

Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Two Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G phones, one in Cosmic Black, one in Cosmic Grey, seen from the rear at three-quarter angles with text saying 5G on each side of the phones Two Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G phones, one in Cosmic Black, one in Cosmic Grey, seen from the rear at three-quarter angles with text saying 5G on each side of the phones