Normal Operating Sounds of Samsung Fridges

Last modified : Jan 16. 2019

All fridges make noise and sometimes some weird sounds in their normal everyday operation. It’s usually nothing to worry about – and the following list will try to explain why you might be hearing some of these sounds. If you’re experiencing strange noises in combination with other problems – or where any of these sounds are abnormally loud; it might be best to record the noise and get in touch to organise an assessment of your Samsung Fridge. You can reach out to Live Chat Australia or give us a call on 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia) to speak to our Samsung Care experts.

Banging Sounds

Most commonly this noise is ice dropping into the ice bucket. It can make a bit of a clatter sometimes, but it's usually nothing to worry about. You can try an isolation test by turning off the ice maker for a day or two - if the noise stops as well, you know that there is likely nothing wrong with the fridge.

Bubbling Sounds

Bubbling or gurgling sounds coming from your fridge are most likely going to be the refrigerant changing from liquid to gas and back again. This is completely normal operation and just means your fridge is working properly.

Buzzing or Humming Sounds

Generally speaking, buzzing and humming noises will be the sound of the compressor. The compressor will turn on and off automatically and change speeds fairly rapidly. It usually only lasts around 7 seconds and you shouldn't be able to hear it from another room. It could also be water filling the ice maker - try to take note of how often, how loud, and how long the noise happens if you're worried about it. 

Rattling Noises

If your fridge seems to be vibrating or making an angrier, rattling sound, it could be because the fridge is coming into contact with another object. You can try to pull the fridge out from the wall by a couple of centimetres; and make sure it is properly level. The doors might rattle if they're at a funny angle to the fridge when it's askew. If you've recently pulled the door of the fridge off for any reason - it might be a loose screw or hinge bolt. Make sure to tighten all the door screws.

Snapping and Popping Sounds

The plastic parts of your fridge contract and expand with changes in temperature of the fridge and will cause cracking noises. It is usually in line with the defrosting cycle and is nothing to worry about. There’s no way to stop the fridge from making these sounds; it’s a noise common to all brands of refrigerator. A snapping noise might be related to using the water dispenser - the dispenser chute closes a couple of seconds after you've used it.

Blowing and Whistling Sounds

If it sounds a little windy in your kitchen sometimes - it's likely just the circulation fan in your fridge operating. It will continue to spin until the set temperature inside the fridge is reached. You might hear it more often if you've opened up the fridge more than usual - letting warm air into the fridge is going to make it try to get the temp back down quickly.

Ticking Noise

A ticking noise is common with frost free fridges - it's part of the defrost cycle and is just the parts of the fridge very slowly expanding or contracting. 

Hissing Sounds

A hissing or sizzling sound is usually just the defrost heater dissolving water. It sounds bad, but it’s not normally anything to worry about. You can also just check to make sure there aren't any bottles in the fridge that are causing the sound with a lid that's not completely closed.

Beeping Noises

Beeping from your fridge is likely to be because the fridge door is ajar. Make sure there isn't anything obstructing the door, and check the seals to make sure they're clean and have no damage.

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